I am not sure if I just made up the word “rehoping” or not, but it fits with how I have been feeling lately, so I am running with it! A question was posted today on Twitter on how we find our hope? Here is my response…. Spending time in His Presence restores my hope, Continue reading “rehoping”

baby talk

There is no sound quite like hearing an infant gurgle, coo & spout gibberish. The joy they get simply from making noise, chattering away as only a baby can. When we are young in the faith, everything can seem awesome, wonderful, amazing. Bright eyed with fresh wonder, we can sound like babies with our repetitiveContinue reading “baby talk”

walk with Me

You can’t deepen any relationship without a few key ingredients: 1. Spending time together. Whether a few minutes or several hours, we get to know someone over time. Say no to this required element, say no to deepening. 2. Walking through the ups & downs together. It is very true that we can truly observeContinue reading “walk with Me”