Sunday Psalm: not just spoken

Your love
is not just a spoken love
although You made sure
to record it
in Your Word

Your love
is not a distant one
as You made sure
to display it
in Your Creation
for all to see

Your love
is not a woosy love
as You made known
on the cross
lifting Your heart
high for those You love

Your love
is not just a spoken one
but You never stop
speaking to
Your Beloved

Your love
is love in action
never stopping
ever pursuing
constantly drawing near
continuously reaching
for the hand
of Your Bride

Your love
caused You to
create a counterpart
so You could have
another to love,
although God in Three
are already
without her

Yet Your love
became spoken
and fleshed into action
when Jesus walked
lived and breathed
and loved amongst us

Showing us
Your love
face to face
in a lavish act
of crazy grace
as You spoke
Your love
directly to
Your people

Your Spirit never stops
revealing the Father’s
adoration of His children,
and the Son’s devotion
& delight in His Bride

Your love is
not just a spoken love
and I am forever changed
because of Your love