Sunday Psalm: in the depths

In the depths where we hide our hearts the deep cries are made In the heights of Heaven Your tears at our plight were great For You so loved us all You decided to send part of Yourself to meet our need with the gift of Your son merged with our DNA Such depth toContinue reading “Sunday Psalm: in the depths”

Sunday Psalm: Hope’s Anthem

The song lyrics to Hope’s Anthem is resounding through my heart this morning. Its been a rough emotional week as I have been wrestling down discouragement & renewing my walk with Hope.  This song is my new anthem, for my Hope is alive & arising within me from new depths today. 🙂 Sometimes what HeContinue reading “Sunday Psalm: Hope’s Anthem”


I am in hot pursuit. My mind is fixed even when my body is tiring. I continue to climb. I can’t live without Him. His presence. His love. Him. He is beautiful. He gazes at me with such passion, I am overwhelmed with His love, magnetically drawn closer. In the pathway ahead, He is theContinue reading “pursuit”