move on or love up on – the crossroads we all face

We each face a crossroads when confronted with a situation, person or comment which is unexpected, uncalled for or unwanted. We can choose to ask God what to do, or take matters into our own hands. There are times when God does call us to turn the other cheek, forgive and move on. There areContinue reading “move on or love up on – the crossroads we all face”

when the going gets rough

I get a bit queasy on buses & boats. As long as I can keep my eyes fixed on a permanent spot, I am able to calm myself. In our daily lives, the waters can become rough with towering waves in the blink of an eye. Insecurity & doubt can rise to try and crashContinue reading “when the going gets rough”

stop. watch. listen.

There is a way worth searching after There is a life worth dying for There is a hope found in the seeking There is a truth you’ve never seen before…. Stop, watch and listen To the Word, to the Truth -Kim Hill It’s really hard to not stay in motion for me at times. IContinue reading “stop. watch. listen.”