snapshots along the way: He cares

Jesus showed how much He cared for all people as He walked closer and closer to the cross.

And that same care shines through as alive as if the Easter Story was happening today.

For it is.

When Jesus reached out to feed, comfort, encourage, teach, heal this around Him, His care was evident.

Every thing that matters to us matters to God.

He took the time to heal the ear of the guard who was there to arrest Him.

He took the time to build up Simon Peter, the Rock before the denials occurred.

He took the time to be with all His disciples, even the one yet to betray Him.

He took the time to pray, not stress over what was to come, because everything that matters to God mattered to Him.

Our eternal care was weighing heavy on His shoulders as the cross approached… yet He still took the time to show those He loved how much He cared.

His best friend & mother.

The thieves on either side of Him.

The tearing of the veil to let His people know for certain their Messiah had come.

There was no detail too small or overlooked in His life, especially His public life, because He took great care to reveal His care.

By giving up His life, Jesus demonstrated His extravagant love and care for the world in a costly, painfully necessary way.

He gifted us with the full weight of His care on the cross.

He took our sin upon Himself because He cares.

The Word has many verses that stand to remind us how caring our God is….but only one is needed to show the full picture of His heart for us.

For God so cared and loved the world, He gave up His only beloved Son, the One He adores, to death on the cross. Who ever chooses to believe in Jesus, and accepts His free gift of His heart poured out for our wrongdoings, will live with Him forever and ever.

John 3:16, my translation

There is no better illustration of His caring for us that giving up His own Son to help us make our way Home to Him.

And this care?

Lives on in the hearts & lives of those who follow Him. As we reach out our hands to help the needy, comfort the grieving, come alongside the lonely, support the hurting and love up on all we can, His care lives on through us.

Like fragile eggs, we the weak become His care package to the world.


how great is Your love?


How great
is Your love
for me, Lord?

If I went
to the unknown depths
of the ocean bottom,
I’d find You there.

If I flew my way
across the universe,
You would welcome me
everywhere I went.

If I hid
under the covers,
in the crowd
or with an alias,
You’d still find me,
because You
never leave me.

If I were on a boat
in the middle of the ocean,
Your love would still
flow my way.

If I were spelunking,
in the darkest of caves,
Your love
would be there
to guide
me home.

I could be standing
in a desert island,
not another living creature
in sight for miles or days,
and the clouds above
would still capture
my attention,
reminding me
the Creator
is always showing
me & His creation
signs of His love…
in the clouds,
in the quiet whispers,
in a baby’s first cry,
in a glistening rainbow,
in a warm embrace,
in a kindness shown,
in an extravagant sunrise or sunset,
in extended grace
displayed on the cross.

Your love, Oh Lord,
reaches to the heavens,
Your faithfulness
stretches to the skies.
Forever & ever
Your love endures.

I find my hope
in Your Presence,
in You alone, God.