in His strength

Last night, I stepped out of my comfort zone and took part in a 12 hour worship burn…where we offered God praise and worship for 12 hours straight. Six teams, 2 hours each. As a vocalist, usually two hours is a good maximum for keeping your voice strong without too much strain. I had theContinue reading “in His strength”

the road less traveled: on the hump days

This morning, hubby was less thrilled than normal to start his day.  Work added some last minute changes to his day, which he dislikes profusely. All that to say, I thought I had to start work at 8am today. And my ride got me here late. It turns out, no one is starting til 9amContinue reading “the road less traveled: on the hump days”

called to go, do or be?

We were, and are, all called for a purpose. Typically, most of us (myself included) tend to think of this call only as an action. We are to go out & make disciples in all nations. Absolutely. We miss the key point when it becomes about where we go and what we are doing. WeContinue reading “called to go, do or be?”