Oh my.

There was a huge battle waging within me as we began to rehearse for last night’s Downpour service. Singing with new people, in a new situation, and new songs aside, inside I was on edge. I knew something was going to happen.

Didn’t know God was preparing to rock my boat.

As a paid social media & web content writer, I battle with “Will this person like it when/if I do…” And when I work, that is something I need to keep in mind, but not obsess over.

Jumping in over my head last night musically caused two things. One, the mental battle to heighten, and for me to briefly take my eyes off the reason for my singing (He is Worthy) and onto the gift He gave me (my voice) and how it would be received.

Then, in one sweet moment of surrender to God and whatever He wanted to do with and through and in and around me last night, it got wild within me. God let loose, in fact, in all of us at almost the same time across the room.

His Presence became so thick, present, sweet and holy awesome all rolled into one.

People were changed.

Hearts were stripped bare for God to see.

Freedom from the way it has been and what God has done moved some into the Right Now where God was moving right now in this moment.

A new song was birthed about the One who overcame.

There were tears of joy, yelps of gladness, laying on of hands and release all around.

I knew it was God, as one of the first forms of attack I get when I am singing is against my throat. I claimed the fact that God was moving in me right now so I was not going to be hindered, and kept on singing. God took care of the voice coming out. My left hip also reverted to a previous injury. And I refused to stop. If God is for me, no one can stand against me.

Because if its for the weight of His glory, God will enable us to stand.

The One who has overcome helps me to do the same in His strength.

Last night was one of those nights where some moments seemed to creep forward painfully slow, while others seemed to hang on an exquisite moment with a glimpse of forever.

When He enters the room, everything changes.

Heaven comes down to earth, with forever impact.

He rained down His mercy, grace, love and joy in us, on me.

He kept pouring out onto His people through our gifts.

Once you have jumped into the river, with no holding back…tasted and seen that He is good…felt His presence flow through you like a heavenly jolt of electricity….you are never the same.

For He doesn’t just come and be when He encounters us. We are changed. He can’t help Himself, He loves us with such abandon and passion and zeal and holy wildness that He heals, loves up on us, makes us whole where we are needing His touch, wraps His Presence around us in an embrace that our soul is longing for but cannot quite put into words.

If you have a chance to encounter God, run for His downpour. It isn’t about the people there, its about the God who is waiting to pour out into you.

Its gonna rain….

rain down

After the winter we just had, even rain looks good to me as I eagerly await spring.

Rain is an integral part of spring,

Without it, there would be no life, just barren desert.

This past harsh icy winter has left the trees asleep, the ground extra hard, and abounding dreariness. A need for escape, light, sunshine, warmth and a new view.

Winter can occur in the soul as well.

A deep freeze, hardening our hearts, locking us into believing hope is nowhere nearby.

But spring too can happen for the soul, in the hearts of those who seek it.

It just takes rain.

A living water than soaks in deep, getting in to every nook and cranny of your being.

Watering the seeds planted, waiting for such a time as this.

A water that restores, causes life to bloom, forgiveness to flow, new life to blossom.

A cleansing away of winter until there is no trace left, and all you can sense is the spring now flowing out of you.

Without winter, the soul would not appreciate spring.

Without rain, spring could never come.

“He comes as rain comes,
as spring rain refreshing the ground. ”
Hosea 6:3 (Message)

If you are stuck in the winter running rampant within, know that God wants to shower you with His presence, soak you in His love, and set spring and life free within you.

Its time to stand up, ask for God’s rain to pour down on you; to find the refreshing you have been longing for in His downpour.

For He will come.
His word is His promise.
Spring is coming.