Falling down, in or away? Which will it be today?

Pride goes before a fall. We’ve all heard that saying at some time or another, possibly with ‘goeth’ or some other variation. But did you know its actually based on a bible verse?! Pride¬†goes before destruction, a haughty spirit¬†before a fall. Proverbs 16:18 NIV I believe there are only three ways we can fall whenContinue reading “Falling down, in or away? Which will it be today?”

called to go, do or be?

We were, and are, all called for a purpose. Typically, most of us (myself included) tend to think of this call only as an action. We are to go out & make disciples in all nations. Absolutely. We miss the key point when it becomes about where we go and what we are doing. WeContinue reading “called to go, do or be?”