Falling down, in or away? Which will it be today?

Pride goes before a fall.

We’ve all heard that saying at some time or another, possibly with ‘goeth’ or some other variation. But did you know its actually based on a bible verse?!

Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.

Proverbs 16:18 NIV

I believe there are only three ways we can fall when pride is involved.

The first is eternally beautiful, the second eternally grateful. the third isn’t at all.

Let me explain.

When pride is involved, we can block God from freeing us as He is wanting, longing to from the things binding us or holding us back.

There are only two ways pride leads. (The third is an off shoot of the first)

One is to fall to your knees in humility before God, and acknowledge your pride was a stumbling block to His Presence.

The other is to fall away. To keep yourself upright when its the worst thing for you. To fall away from where He meant you to be.

Our fall out breaks His heart, as it reminds Him of Eden.

When Adam & Eve fell, pride in the belief that we can be self sufficient and not need anyone else entered the world, where before they walked closely with God, working for Him in the garden.

When sin separates us from God, it rips a hole in the fabric of our hearts, against His design, to make room for sin’s traveling mates. Pride is one of the most deadly companions to accompany sin.

For pride leads us into further sins…in our minds, our actions, our wills…which affects our spirit within by putting a damper on its voice.

When we are full of pride, we cannot see our desperate need for God.

Pride goes before a fall because it refuses to look up for help, or bend the knee to accept it.

We only have to take a look at Jesus to know there is no negative pride to be found in God.

Rest assured, our Abba is proud of His children, as every parent is. But that doesn’t mean He likes everything about us all the time.

Jesus followed where His Father led Him, even to the cross. His fall restored, restores the effect, the impact of Eden’s fall on the world.

His actions were designed to help us fall to our knees and adore Him, not drive a wedge between God and man ever again.

The wedge is now solely of our doing, and pride is one of the pinnacle tools of deception the enemy uses to lead His kids to fall away.

I know myself too well now to allow pride anything but a temporary blip in my mind anymore.

For I know the pain of being in pride’s grip, and the battle I waged to become free of it.

Only One is meant to be elevated above all others, and it isn’t you, me or the enemy.

Only One rules and sits on the throne over all.

Only One who should stir us to bow the knee in worship & service when we realize the depths of the fall He voluntarily took to show us His love.

The falls we should be working on? Falling to our knees in worship, and falling deeper in love with Him.

The fall we need to avoid? Thinking we are more than we are, and that we don’t need community to make it through this world. The reality is we all need one another, to help remind one another He is for us, and how much we need to seek Him in all things.

Pride? Pride only leads you away from the One who humbled Himself to get your attention & announce His intention for more than we often choose to settle for.

Pride stops us from listening to His voice, and hearing what we need to make it through whatever we are facing.

Pride leads to fall out we cannot anticipate as a result of our choices.

Its time to fall deeper in the right direction.

Before you take the fall He hopes you’ll never make.

Fall to your knees, and fall head over heels with the One who will lift you up, and love you with a devoted ferocity breathtaking in its adoration and passion!



called to go, do or be?

We were, and are, all called for a purpose.

Typically, most of us (myself included) tend to think of this call only as an action.

We are to go out & make disciples in all nations.


We miss the key point when it becomes about where we go and what we are doing.


We are not primarily called to DO SOMETHING or GO SOMEWHERE, we are called TO SOMEONE.

-Os Guinness

When Jesus spoke about what we were to do, He reminded us Who was to be with us to the end of the age: God.

If it becomes all about the action, we miss the heart behind it all.

The heart that loved us, everyone ever on this earth, so much He put on flesh, took up His cross & died for our freedom.

The hands that made all of humanity, painstakingly handcrafting each of us, in His image.

The mind that knows what each person is feeling.

The eyes that see everything, everywhere all the time.

The ears that hear the cries of His people, and the those crying out for justice & freedom.

The Living Word who inspired the bible, recording our interactions with the God over all.

We need to be spending time with Him, the One who made it all, gave it all and loves us all in order to live out our call.

Drawing close to Him is the number one priority to finding our what it is He created you to do.

Getting to know Him will reveal who He is, how He can equip you to the task at hand, and help you reflect Him to the world around you.

Our number one purpose, our call?

To worship Him.
To know Him.
To be known by Him.
To press in close to Him.

Because God?

He isn’t stagnant.
He is constantly on the move.
Keeping watch over His flock, seen & yet unseen.

As we spend time in His Presence, we will see where He is wanting us to move, what He is wanting us to say, where He desires for us to go, how He wants us to help.

Staying close to the God over all will reveal more of His character and His loves.

The more time we spend with Him, the more we will become like Him.

Poured out for the purpose for which we were called, just like Jesus.

Jesus didn’t compromise time with His Father in getting all He was to do done.  When He died on the cross, up to that moment – everything He was to have completed was finished.

And God was with Him, as He sought hard after God in prayer and presence even though the crowds pressed in, even though He had a long hard road to travel.

Not sure what you were called for?

First and foremost, as a worshiper.

In His Presence, all the rest will fall into place.

You will fulfill your purpose when the One who called you speaks the way.

Tuning in to the right frequency is required.&n The closer you come, the clearer the reception.

We were not called primarily to action, but His Presence.