snapshots along the way: He cares

Jesus showed how much He cared for all people as He walked closer and closer to the cross. And that same care shines through as alive as if the Easter Story was happening today. For it is. When Jesus reached out to feed, comfort, encourage, teach, heal this around Him, His care was evident. EveryContinue reading “snapshots along the way: He cares”

snapshots along the way: His focus

What astounds me almost as much as His love? How Jesus was able to keep His focus, His purpose first and foremost while He was here on earth. You know, as I was thinking about His character, the fact that He never sinned struck me in a completely different way today. Yes, He is Holy,Continue reading “snapshots along the way: His focus”

snapshots along the Way: He Knew

You knew. You knew that the same people who cried Hosanna as You entered Jerusalem were the same ones who would pick up the stones to judge one another’s sin, and nail You to the cross. You knew. You knew we all hide our brokenness under the cover of what we think others want usContinue reading “snapshots along the Way: He Knew”

you can’t have one without the other

Which holiday do you prefer, Christmas or Easter? This is one of those questions I have thought deep and long about. Christmas and Easter are not stand alone, exclusive events. They are fantastically intertwined expressions of God’s intervention into history. HiStory as God intended. Christmas. (image from: The reveal of God with us. AmongContinue reading “you can’t have one without the other”