its banner time

A banner is a declaration of who an army belongs to and whose name they fight over. “Stronghold- The Secrets Behind the Wall” by Beth Kinder The Lord is my Banner. Exodus 17:16 So far today, I have forgotten two things i was supposed to remember to do this morning, and remembered to find something … More its banner time

the force

Are you an ally of the Force? There are only two to align yourself with…as we all see so visually made clear in the Star Wars saga. You can align yourself with good, or the dark side. The best? Being led by Holy Spirit. The less? Being led by the enemy. If you are unsure … More the force

free to say….

I said yes to something today (extra work) when I should have said no. I have a hard time accepting i am free to say no. Still too much wanting to please people left within me. I am free to say yes, but just like with everything else, I have to live with the consequences. … More free to say….