The Lord will keep you from all evil; He will keep your life. The Lord will keep your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forevermore. Psalm 121:7-8 ESV Evermore. That is the kind of God You are. You are eternal, forever. You were, will be and always will be, you guessed it, evermore! Evermore, You are forContinue reading “evermore”

Sunday Psalm: Your Love ran red into eternity

You did it. You planned it all, down to every single interaction from beginning to end. You knew in the first Garden that the second would come into play, leading You to the third & final garden. In the first, we broke Your heart. In the second, You bent the knee. In the third, YouContinue reading “Sunday Psalm: Your Love ran red into eternity”

Reason #3 to Give Thanks: Because He Cares

Today, I was ready for a day to myself. To worship, soak in the tub, do an online course and a bunch of writing. God interrupted my plans with two kids unexpectedly home under foot, a phone prob, and updates to project work…not the day I had expected to have on my day off thisContinue reading “Reason #3 to Give Thanks: Because He Cares”


lifted hands raised in adoration humble heart bowing down in praise joining the forever chorus of One body worldwide One heart beating to the rhythm of Your Love One mind united in devotion to the Son as we are intertwined with One Spirit in the love dance of the ages the more I lay meContinue reading “freebird”

when the beauty fades

Over time, almost everything loses its luster. Rust spots, fraying strings, parts breaking down, wrinkles and age spots begin to appear…and what we think of beauty begins to fade. There are two exceptions. Although our bodies may age, begin to falter and decay, our spirit or soul does not. It grows richer and deeper asContinue reading “when the beauty fades”