married ever after

This morning, i had the privilege of attending the wedding between a former coworker & a fellow worship team member, both of whom I go to church with.

It was lovely….with the couple obviously in love & desiring God to be the center of their lives.

Once upon a time, that was me, and you too.

I remember that joy, the kind of terror and the rest all rolled into one which I felt on my wedding day.  I knew God was with me, as we invited Him to be our centre.

Today was semi-sweet to me, because as life happens, not all the vows we make are honored, are they?

For a few moments, all I could feel was my regrets for not loving my hubby to my best every step of the way as God wanted for me, and my loss for my hubby not doing the same.

It was a brief moment of open heart surgery which surprised me, because I didn’t realize I was still grieving for what could have been in what was.

Then He whispered what He has continued to whisper to me every day…. I know; I’ve got you.

I cannot go back and fix what was broken, but He can lead me back & remove the wounds occurred there.  He restores my soul with delicacy & unswerving accuracy.

I can love, with His help, my best today in the here and now, and love the ones He has given me to love while I have them.

Love is a precious gift which sometimes takes a look back to help us see just how sweet it is.

It is never too late for two people who are seeking God with all that they are to be restored & begin to have their married ever after.

If like me, you find yourself in the forest of regret, remember God has never left your side, ever.  He has plans for your blessing, even if your plans appear to be unraveling. All things are possible is His motto, and we can trust Him with what, and who, matters most to us.

There is no sin He cannot forgive, no hope He cannot restore, no love He cannot rekindle in those pursuing Him with every fibre of their being.


I prefer semi-sweet chocolate, because I have learned to appreciate the balance blend the dark & the light.

Without the dark chocolate, the lighter milk chocolate would not taste as sweet.

When God releases His blessings in the midst of our brokenness, it seems all the more sweet when we compare it to the dark of our pasts.

May He speak His love to your heart today. Whether you are surrounded by loved ones or alone, my prayer for you is to know & feel embraced by the Loving One who will never let you go.