and then there were two…

It is always interesting to me to find someone else who is thinking like me.

Not because I am such a great intellectual thinker, but because I look at things, as we all do, with my own unique viewpoint, based on my skills, gifts and life experiences.

Today, I reconnected with a good friend I hadn’t seen for a while, who it turns out feels a lot like I do about a few things on my mind right now.

Isn’t it a relief to be understood? Heard? Connected with?

There is another always there for me to drop by and visit. The kettle of kindness is always perking, the music of peace always playing in the background. The comfy couch of mercy, with soft pillows of joy and the throw blanket of hope, wait along with Love, the Designer of my heart, mind, spirit and soul. He is constantly ready for me to approach, jump on the sofa beside Him, keeping His ears perked to my every word, attentive eyes not straying from my face.

It was always meant to be a relationship; not rules, religion or rubric.

The two of us, hanging out, pouring our lives into one another. Always together, never apart.

Why do I resist this deepening?

Fear of being rejected.

No more fear.

I am heading for the couch.

And then, there were two.