It has been a few fall filled days, these past few daze of summer:

I fell and sprained my ankle

I realized I had had an arthritic attack (a few new joints have now swollen)

time fell quickly as I waited to replace my dead phone

I can’t quite fall into my new work routine since my hours switched over the summer, so i feel off kilter most of the time

and today I fell into bed after an allergic reaction at work (topical, not life threatening, but still annoying) and the migraine chaser that fell on me swiftly thereafter

after bus #2s tire fell flat
and two other buses were needed to bring me back home

my days have fallen short of my expectations….
but I still have hope
peace despite these last few days…

I know how my story ends

and it isn’t with my fall

You see, I have already taken the fall, laying my life down before God
I have been made new
from the inside out

not I but Christ who lives in me

in my spirit, I have been hearing more often to let go of me and rest in Him

fall down & worship no matter what

allow His love to pour over me
like a waterfall
cleansing, refreshing me


I have learned to lay down my pride
and allow myself to be completely His

just as I am
flaws and all

the enemy has had long enough
enjoying his field day of:
keeping me down
keeping me from God’s 100% acceptance
whispering his lies
stirring up my fears

this time, he is taking the fall

its now God’s call I will be listening intently for

And if God is for me, not against me,
that means that His enemy is my enemy

and God has already foretold how His enemy falls at the end of his time

I can’t help but fall
deeper in love
with God
who has not abandoned me
loved me relentlessly
will never give up on me
falls on me with grace & mercy
always catching me when I stumble

I am sure I will have other falls over the days yet to come…

…but falling out of His grace forever
isn’t part of my story!