5 things about falling stars

It is hard to go for long without hearing about another star or icon coming crashing down from the heights they had been raised to.

Whether a failed marriage or a more secret sin, millions of people find delight in discussing the fall of the stars.

While God’s heart breaks over the same situation.

I am gonna take a leap here and share a few things I have learned about God, and how He feels about the falling stars.

1. God doesn’t take delight over our falls.

Nope. I don’t think He liked having to kick satan, one of His creation after all, and his followers out of Heaven, coz the God I know doesn’t delight over our consequences for our bad choices.  He delights when we draw close to Him & choose His way.

God’s heart breaks over each woman battered, each person with a broken heart, each man fired unjustly, every person left homeless, each outcast.

Which leads me to point #2.

2. God never stops loving us, despite all we have done.

Because He so loves whom He created.

He has never stops reminding us so since Adam & Eve.

His love does not mean He agrees with our behavior, it means He loves us despite all we are capable  of doing.

3. God never stops offering those who fall a nail scarred hand up.


His grace is available for all, regardless of what they have done.

Coz He wouldn’t be all encompassing love if He left one of us out.

His love isn’t conditional upon our behaviour, His backing us is.

When we choose His ways, He blesses us.

When we don’t choose His ways, He continues to offer a hand & shine His light on the right path, but waits for us to admit our wrong & take hold of His hand.

4. There is nothing that has been done God cannot forgive.


And we are capable of some nastiness underneath our outer shells, aren’t we?

Because many of us have become great actors to cover up the ugliness lurking below the surface.

5. There is hope right to the end.

I firmly believe God never stops offering His love to us.  I believe in that split second before the end, God may make one last attempt to offer us His hand of love. 

Because I believe His love is that amazing, that loving.

Because He never stops loving us, ever.

Everything those of us who fall publically, like the Bill Cosbys and those who take our secrets to the grave.

Today, there are four things He is putting on my heart for us to do:

1. Ask Him to help you see those in public office, sports or the arts for who they really are,  people just like you & I who happen to have high profile jobs.

2. Pray for those you read about in the news who have fallen, that they would see the Light who is reaching out to them. 

3. Pour out your sin, worries & heart before Him.  Let Him wash you clean, and rekindle His love in your heart. 

4. Go out & shine that Love wherever you go, for each person you encounter needs Him whether they know Him yet or not.


prejudiced by pride

First pride, then the crash—the bigger the ego, the harder the fall.
Proverbs 16:18

That will never happen to me.”

Little did I know as a young girl all that was going to occur in my life.
Molested, lonely, teased, bullied, abandoned, date raped, physical injuries… as much happened to my outsides as did to my insides.

In an attempt to keep a lid on all that, and more, I shoved it all down under close watch, using a razor sharp tongue and sarcastic humor to protect myself from further wounding. On the outside, I appeared to have it all together.

I was proud of how no one noticed. Seriously.. And because I could hold it all together (at least I thought I could with the lie I told myself at that time) I didn’t have much use for people who fell apart at the first sign of trouble.

My pride led to prejudice.

And colored my worldview glimpse of my neighbors for quite awhile.

After God met me in the pit of my own making, many things had changed instantly. My pride at keeping a lid on what was swirling below wasn’t one of them.

Soon after, I married into a family of extremes. High highs and low lows, there always seemed to be a lot of drama ready to erupt.

Coming from my background, heavily influenced by my staunch British raised step father’s upbringing, this just added fuel to the fire of my pride. I was proud my family didn’t have so much drama, until some of the history was shared with my bewildered ears, and I realized my family drama may not have been visible, but was equally dramatic, especially as it had been hidden away under…you guessed it, pride.

My side of the family (both my maternal & paternal) is exceptionally talented with their hands & minds. The one flaw? The privacy of pride.

All of us, to some degree or another, want to keep our stuff private.

God wants us to be free from secrets that harm, lies we are ensnared by, and emotions that threaten to overwhelm us if they are released.

Pride is one of the keys we need to hand over to God, so He can set us free from its cage, and destroy its hold on us.

I know, because I ran full tilt into that cage, and lived there for way longer than I came to admit.

We don’t look at the world, others or ourselves from His viewpoint when pride us in the way, but our pride-led knee jerk reactions.

Take Mr Darcy for example.
Raised well, he was instructed how to live a good life, without the guidance of his parents to help him avoid the pitfall of pride. Like his home, Pemberly, he was made of stone. Pride & propriety before all at the beginning of Pride & Prejudice. After meeting & falling in love with Lizzy Bennet, he began to question how his pride led him astray into actions he looked back on with regret.

Lizzy Bennet, a very sharp intelligent woman also struggled with pride. Her encounters with Mr Darcy slowly stripped her prejudice from her eyes as the truth of his character was revealed to her over time.

Two characters, from different rank & backgrounds, both struggled with pride.

And they are not alone, are they?

The enemy was the first fall from pride, and takes great delight in luring humanity into that same fall.

Pride doesn’t allow for change, weakness or a plea for assistance.

It only leads one way until it is uprooted.

If any if these words strikes chord or resonate within, head for the secret place.

God will reveal the state of our minds & hearts to us if we ask, and wait for His response.

But God doesn’t leave us there, once we realize we were in the out of our own making.

He lifts us out, restores our peace, imparts hope and new life, and takes us by the hand as we move on with Him.

The only One worthy of being proud is the humblest of us all. Jesus laid Himself down for us, and God elevated Him to His true position at His side after He did so, honoring Him.

So let God work his will in you. Yell a loud no to the Devil and watch him scamper. Say a quiet yes to God and he’ll be there in no time. Quit dabbling in sin. Purify your inner life. Quit playing the field. Hit bottom, and cry your eyes out. The fun and games are over. Get serious, really serious. Get down on your knees before the Master; it’s the only way you’ll get on your feet. James 4:7-10


Falling down, in or away? Which will it be today?

Pride goes before a fall.

We’ve all heard that saying at some time or another, possibly with ‘goeth’ or some other variation. But did you know its actually based on a bible verse?!

Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.

Proverbs 16:18 NIV

I believe there are only three ways we can fall when pride is involved.

The first is eternally beautiful, the second eternally grateful. the third isn’t at all.

Let me explain.

When pride is involved, we can block God from freeing us as He is wanting, longing to from the things binding us or holding us back.

There are only two ways pride leads. (The third is an off shoot of the first)

One is to fall to your knees in humility before God, and acknowledge your pride was a stumbling block to His Presence.

The other is to fall away. To keep yourself upright when its the worst thing for you. To fall away from where He meant you to be.

Our fall out breaks His heart, as it reminds Him of Eden.

When Adam & Eve fell, pride in the belief that we can be self sufficient and not need anyone else entered the world, where before they walked closely with God, working for Him in the garden.

When sin separates us from God, it rips a hole in the fabric of our hearts, against His design, to make room for sin’s traveling mates. Pride is one of the most deadly companions to accompany sin.

For pride leads us into further sins…in our minds, our actions, our wills…which affects our spirit within by putting a damper on its voice.

When we are full of pride, we cannot see our desperate need for God.

Pride goes before a fall because it refuses to look up for help, or bend the knee to accept it.

We only have to take a look at Jesus to know there is no negative pride to be found in God.

Rest assured, our Abba is proud of His children, as every parent is. But that doesn’t mean He likes everything about us all the time.

Jesus followed where His Father led Him, even to the cross. His fall restored, restores the effect, the impact of Eden’s fall on the world.

His actions were designed to help us fall to our knees and adore Him, not drive a wedge between God and man ever again.

The wedge is now solely of our doing, and pride is one of the pinnacle tools of deception the enemy uses to lead His kids to fall away.

I know myself too well now to allow pride anything but a temporary blip in my mind anymore.

For I know the pain of being in pride’s grip, and the battle I waged to become free of it.

Only One is meant to be elevated above all others, and it isn’t you, me or the enemy.

Only One rules and sits on the throne over all.

Only One who should stir us to bow the knee in worship & service when we realize the depths of the fall He voluntarily took to show us His love.

The falls we should be working on? Falling to our knees in worship, and falling deeper in love with Him.

The fall we need to avoid? Thinking we are more than we are, and that we don’t need community to make it through this world. The reality is we all need one another, to help remind one another He is for us, and how much we need to seek Him in all things.

Pride? Pride only leads you away from the One who humbled Himself to get your attention & announce His intention for more than we often choose to settle for.

Pride stops us from listening to His voice, and hearing what we need to make it through whatever we are facing.

Pride leads to fall out we cannot anticipate as a result of our choices.

Its time to fall deeper in the right direction.

Before you take the fall He hopes you’ll never make.

Fall to your knees, and fall head over heels with the One who will lift you up, and love you with a devoted ferocity breathtaking in its adoration and passion!



leaf it alone- seasons of relationships part 1

Fall always reminds me God has a season in mind for letting go.

Just as the leaves are meant to fall, so are the weights of worries, concerns, secrets and burdens we carry, to our own detriment. In some instances, it may be an unhealthy relationship or addictive behavior He may be calling you to leave behind.


We only tend see the death of autumn as leaf after leaf start to fall…but without the leaves falling to the ground, the next season can’t arrive.

We need to let go so God can move us on.

Each leaf knows when its time to leave, when the winds of change are blowing strong.

Leaves are meant to fall, not hang around past their time.

God has designed us to not hang onto burdens for more than for a short season.

He is enough to help us leave our pasts behind us. To let go of the pain. To be healed of our wounds. (Psalm 55:22) To give you peace and rest. (Matthew 11:28)

No matter your past, God is present.

He wants to fill us with hope and give us a bright future. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Leave the old behind, and let it make room for the new season He has in store for you.

We are called to have faith.
He not only gives us fresh hope,
He makes all things new. (Revelation 21:5)

We are products of our past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of it.
~Rick Warren

God is the soft place for us to fall as we let go and leave ourselves in His hands. 🙂

ankle deep

A few times in the past few months, I have heard the call to go deeper.

Beyond the wading area I tend to linger in…where I am ankle deep but I can still make it out quickly back to shore should I feel threatened.  I am deep enough to feel the longing to go in deeper, but not so deep to fully give over my control.

I am tired of wading ankle deep.

All it does is leave me desperate for more.

You see, when I feel God move, there is a part of me that wants to jump in, let go and let God take me wherever He intends for me to go.

But there is a part of me also crying at the thought of losing control, wary of potential dangers, and if I am honest, a smidge of what will people think in the mix.

All the way, or stand in the way.

I am tired of wading ankle deep.

The battle raging within me likely rages within us all.

We want to be safe, secure, and in control.

On our terms.

God wants us to rest safe in Him, stand securely in who He is and who we are in Him, and for us to join Him where He is leading.

On His terms.

Standing ankle deep only gives a glimpse of the wonder God has waiting for me, for us, when we stop trying to control everything, even how much of God we are going to allow into our lives.

I am tired, so tired of ankle deep.

I have been listening more, speaking less lately. I have heard things I otherwise wouldn’t when I sensed God told me to just listen.

I have been speaking up where I would usually leave the waters undisturbed when I am upset by something. God has given me the right wording to use when I listen for His insights.

I have been sensing snippets of worship songs and memorized verses as I rest before God despite lots on my mind, and my plate. God has given me peace in the midst of it all.

Years ago, I had an extreme fear of heights. It stemmed
from (long story) falling out of a car when I was quite young, something I did not remember.

I waded in ankle deep right after getting married, and managed to zip line after a high climb, trusting God would take care of me.

A few years later, as a mom of a very young child, i didn’t want to pass this fear on to my children, so I asked someone to pray for me.

As they did, I got an image of myself as a small child on a swing, swinging back and forth.  Jesus was there beside me as I was swinging. He moved so He was in front of me, and asked me to jump. I told Him i was too scared. He told me He would catch me, He would not let me fall.  I took the leap, and He caught me.

Since then, I have been able to go up the CN Tower and high water slide towers at Wonderland without any major fear of falling, which was the real root of my issue with heights…stemming from that fall from the car.

I could have stayed in the ankle deep water, believing God could free me but not taking the leap to allow Him to prove it.

I would have missed out on seeing how God did so in a way that confounds those who hear this story.

Its time to move into all God has for me.
No more hanging out ankle deep.
Its time to head into unknown waters,
for I know God will keep me safe and lead me as we go, together.


love n grace


Love does.

Love reaches out to us, offering to lift us out of the mess, pain & brokenness we are in.

Love that offers second chances, hope on the horizon, a shoulder to lean on.

Love entangled eternally with Grace.

Grace in the person of Jesus.

Who took on human DNA
The very King of Heaven
To meet us face to face
At the very place
That was keeping us apart.
Sin crossroads.

And in one final act with eternal consequences died for those very sins WE deserved to die for.

So we have a choice.
To die alone,
Or die in the arms of Love & Grace.

For Love breaks our fall
And Grace carries us home.

Love is a person, as is Grace.
His name is Jesus.

He took our fall
So He could bring us home to the Father who is waiting
And introduces us to Spirit- who comforts, instructs & guides us on our journey towards our forever home.

All this love and grace
for you.

For me.

For us all.

Love beckons,
Grace calls.

“Let me help.
I love you.
Welcome home.”