whose are you?

Tim Hawkins, in my opinion one of the funniest stand up musical comedians of my time, sings a brilliant parody based on that classic Who song, ‘Who are you’.
Tim sings it as if the lead singer was now elderly man, changing the chorus to ‘Who am I?’, obviously experiencing memory loss.

The truth is that most of us don’t know who we are, let alone whose we are.

Mainly lead by fear, past harmful experiences and having never taken time to do an internal stock of how we are hardwired, many people slug it out day and night after another….not knowing essential truth about themselves.

Scientists today (as have every generation) are believing that there is a Creator. The complexity of our bodies, the universe, the intricacies of the ecosystems and gravity, to mention just a few evidences suggesting this is the case.

Not knowing who we are leaves us feeling empty, without purpose.

Not knowing whose we are leaves us isolated, alone, lost.

I believe that we were created by a fascinatingly interested Creator who poured Himself into each and every one of his creations. Who loves us no matter whether we love Him or not. Whose imprint is on us, whether we acknowledge Him or not. Who is always a prayer away.

Who helps us know who we are, but better yet, who we can become as we find ourselves in Him.

I know whose I am. I am a daughter of the Father of the Universe, made family by Jesus, friend of Spirit who is always with me.

I am gifted to communicate through word, images, song. I love to be techy, read, budget. I love my girl friends like sisters through thick or thin. I love a good cuppa tea. I love to sign around my house as I do chores, but also like to catnap, Nordic pole walk and get my body whipped into shape at boot camp. I think the potato was an amazing contribution to the world.

But more than all of that. I know whose I am, where I belong and where my real forever home is.

Who and whose are you?