the last in line

I was one of those kids. The ones that bloomed late, who was gangly, all legs and not as obviously coordinated or all put together as the cooler kids. When we were all lined up, and teams were chosen, I will almost always chosen last. This was even before I started wearing my glasses fullContinue reading “the last in line”

His banner over me reads beloved

His banner over me is love. Wow! He calls me beloved. ME?! And as I have been soaking in that truth, and others like it, I realize that i have been the biggest hindrance to my receiving His love. Because I don’t feel loveable most days. I feel awkward, a misfit, out of sorts, stressed,Continue reading “His banner over me reads beloved”

His favorite

My son & I were both changed by his grade three teacher that year. Mrs. M. had a tool in her teaching belt which caused several hundred former students and many current ones to show up at her retirement ceremony, in a school with classroom sizes averaging of 20-25. Each and every child she taughtContinue reading “His favorite”