the last in line

I was one of those kids.

The ones that bloomed late, who was gangly, all legs and not as obviously coordinated or all put together as the cooler kids.

When we were all lined up, and teams were chosen, I will almost always chosen last.

This was even before I started wearing my glasses full time, which would likely have secured last past guaranteed if it had started in public school.

The funny thing was I was a close physical copy of one of the most popular girls in my public school. I was the better at volleyball, and standing long jump. She was the most popular girl at school, and already dating the most popular guy in grade 6 when I arrived at this school.

Somehow, I accepted the lie that I would always be overlooked, or called to the team last.

This all ran though my brain at lightening speed yesterday morning during an intense moment of worship, when God spoke into my spirit, “I chose you first.”

I almost lost it completely. had it not been for His living arms embracing me as He delivered that news whammy right into my heart.

God chose me first.

Not that I am better than others, that isn’t what He meant.

He will always choose me as His first choice.

He didn’t settle when He chose me.

I was first on His mind when He went to the cross.

So were you.

This isn’t about my social status or yours, but the love He has demonstrated to each of us.

He went to the cross to show You He was putting you first.

If we were all lined up, somehow supernaturally, He would choose us all at the same time, first.

We are all His favorite.

As we all have a tendency to do, we fall into the comparison mind trap lie the enemy baits us with whenever he can.

And in a flash encounter suspended in one moment in my timeline, God broke me free from that hidden memory.

God does that kind of thing for His favorites.

You, and me!

Today, take a sec and say back to Him your gratitude for His choosing you, and that He loves you so. He has moved you to the front of the line, such is His great love for you!!!

Let Him love up on His favorite. 🙂


Here it is again, the Great Reversal: many of the first ending up last, and the last first.
Matthew 20:16 MSG

His banner over me reads beloved

His banner over me is love.


He calls me beloved.


And as I have been soaking in that truth, and others like it, I realize that i have been the biggest hindrance to my receiving His love.


Because I don’t feel loveable most days. I feel awkward, a misfit, out of sorts, stressed, relaxed, hungry, thankful….but not loveable.

But just coz I don’t believe something doesn’t make it any less true.

God reassures me daily of His love for me. Through His Word, His gentle touch, His answers to my prayers, and the care He takes to meet my needs.

If someone continually tells you the opposite of what you believe, there are only options before you.

Deny it or accept it.

My feelings aren’t supposed to be my filter for what is true. Truth is.

The truth we can read in the Word.

The truth He whispers into our broken hearts.

The truth that He has loved me from the beginning of time, and will do so until and for all eternity!

I am His beloved.

And because I am His, He reminds me He is my Beloved.

His love is mine.

When we grasp how deep, high, wide, long & kind His love is, we can begin to feel it!

When you are told you are not only irreplaceable but also adored, are the apple of His eye, and the love of His heart….your broken bits begin to beat again. With new life, as a fresh infusion of His love moves in to awaken what was format inside.

“Come away with Me, My Beloved” is His heart’s cry of love for us, each and every one of us.

Will you let His love move into your broken heart, and begin to restore you to receive His love for you?

Because, in case you missed it, you are His favorite 🙂

#beloved #adored #Hisfavorite

His favorite

My son & I were both changed by his grade three teacher that year.

Mrs. M. had a tool in her teaching belt which caused several hundred former students and many current ones to show up at her retirement ceremony, in a school with classroom sizes averaging of 20-25.

Each and every child she taught believed they were her favorite.

And she treated each as if they were.

My son came out of his shell and began to blossom in her classroom. Since he was her favorite, he tried extra hard to do his best in class and didn’t disappoint her with his efforts.

I was blessed to be able to get to know Mrs. M. through lunch monitoring and volunteering at that school…and learn that valuable lesson which I have tried to emulate every day when I am at work, the bus, with friends or at home:

Everyone of us is God’s favorite.

And as such, we should all treat one another as such.

If I can fathom that I am God’s favorite, I can become secure enough in my relationship with Him not to be threatened when He shows others favor as well.

There is no mistake.
I am God’s favorite.
And so are you.

You don’t lay down your life for just anyone.

You need to love them more than your life to do so.

By following the hard path to the cross, God did just that: took the sins of His favorites and made us all sparkly clean again.

His Word is filled with His love, care and devotion for His favorites.

The next time you are feeling blue….try heading to a mirror and stating this truth out loud over yourself:

I am God’s favorite.

Treating everyone like they’re your favorite? It works. I did just that in the next job I worked at after leaving the school as a Batista, and I can still walk into both locations, be greeted by customers & staff by name-despite it being over three years so since I left that industry.  My favorites all recognize me still, most stopping to chat when I go in to grab a tea or latte. I don’t share this story to brag, but to demonstrate how much being treated with kindness and respect over something as simple as giving a client their coffee can go a long way to making someone’s day.

God treats each of us better than we deserve, but He delights to because you are His favorite.

Our God is so much more amazing that we can imagine or grasp, just from the view point of knowing He loves each of us- the billion or more of His creations on this planet- individually & personally.

Need good news to start your week?

You are God’s favorite.

Since He is an all knowing God, there must be more to each of us than meets the eye if our designer calls us His favorite.

That alone is worth a smile on a hard day!