Sunday Psalm: these feet are meant to follow

Today I looked down and realized my feet are designed not only to hold me up but to help direct my path. My feet have recently come under attack, and when they did, I realized just how precious a gift they are to me, to all of us who have them. For where my feetContinue reading “Sunday Psalm: these feet are meant to follow”

snapshots along the way: He cares

Jesus showed how much He cared for all people as He walked closer and closer to the cross. And that same care shines through as alive as if the Easter Story was happening today. For it is. When Jesus reached out to feed, comfort, encourage, teach, heal this around Him, His care was evident. EveryContinue reading “snapshots along the way: He cares”

start with me

I want to comfort, offer hope, lift up and be a help to those in need. Where do I start? It has to start with me. I can’t lead someone where I have not been willing to let You lead me. I can’t express the joy of freedom when I don’t turn to You toContinue reading “start with me”