let it flaw

We impress people with our supposed perfections but we connect with each other over our flaws. -Donald Miller

There is a secret to living connected, to finding real strength.

Be yourself.

And I don’t mean you after you’ve primped, puffed & glammed up and hidden all your imperfections.

The natural you.

The you that has to take a break to slow things down because you have a tendency to rush & forget what you headed upstairs for.

The you that still cries yourself to sleep at night from the rush of memories of the one you lost, or passes away.

The you that has battle scars, and learned His grace & mercy first hand in such a way you have never been the same since.

The you who can’t get it all done, who knows themselves too well to not ask for help.

We all feel that if others knew our weaknesses, we would be ridiculed, passed over or devalued.

Poppycock, God says! Be yourself anyways, even if it means you won’t be liked by everyone.

His kingdom is about merging with us, allowing His strength to fill in the spaces where we need His grace the most, and revealing to the world we are a team.

Me and God.

When I open myself up to Him, sharing my inadequacies and deficiencies, He pours out enough of Himself to meet my need….

His ability meets my flaw in a spectacular show of His glory.

God never asked us to be caught up in the law and the seeking of perfection.

He asks us to rely on Holy Spirit’s power for our flaw, and listen for His voice to speak about everything and anything that matters to us.

But more than that, He wants us so caught up in Jesus’ gaze that we allow Him to fully embrace us.

Flaws and all.

Every notice how you tend to get kinks in your garden hose, despite the fact it was meant to be rounded and bent as it is used?

And how once you resolve that flaw, the water begins to fully flow again?

We tend to allow our flaws to become blocks to His flow.

When we allow our flaws to become the driving force away from Him when we try to hide away in shame, we develop a kink which needs straightening with a careful hand or our flow will be hindered, and we become isolated as we hide.

Its time to let your flaws out, in the safety of His love.

Paul was a fantastically gifted teacher, scholar & writer, yet struggled with his flaws as He was using him.

Look what God did with one mam, sold out to Him, despite his flaws.

We wants to do the same with you and I, today, no matter our flaws.

His flow in our life will amplify our ability beyond the natural as our flaws are open to His touch.

The best community?
Unity with God.
Unity with other flawed believers He is moving within, just as He is in you!

Come out of hiding, fellow flawed ones, and let Him so rise in you that you see His life, love and power flow through you, exceeding beyond your imagination! As He leads, share what He is doing in your life with those who need to hear their flaws don’t disqualify them in His kingdom.

Give Him the power to flow in and through you, not your flaws the power to block Him.


Let Him flow!

let it flow


Five years ago, I hit a bit of a harder patch than ever before. Injuries, illnesses & secrets revealed combined in an attempt to soak me dry to the bone.

Without God, the enemy would have succeeded in fully leaching the life out of me.

As it is, God held me even closer, spoke to me more clearly, and poured life into me, each & every day.

He keeps doing so with each new today.

The hardest part for me each year seemed to always hit around my birthday.

And quite frankly, without God, my kids & my best friends, there wouldn’t have been anything worth celebrating.

My hubby, post two major surgeries without full resolution of all his problems, got some good news this week. They may know what is causing his last plaguing symptom.

I ended up with an unexpected tax bill this month, which slapped me silly for a few hours before I could hear God whisper, “I got this. I told you breakthrough is coming.”

Hubby got one of his best tax refunds back within 6 days of filing. Which more than covered my bill, the two main needs we have needing repair, and knocking off 1/4 of our debt.

Numbers don’t mean that much to me. Relationship is more important, and always will be.

But the weight I was still carrying over our finances was quite a load, and God told me this week its His to carry, so hand it over & stop taking it back. He set me free.

So far this past 48 hours, God has been knocking my socks off with an outpour of blessing I have not been expecting, but am so grateful for.

My hubby, daughter & son all amped up and blew me away with their gifts of love, and time.

My besties rocked me again with blessings wrapped in laughter & care. They have kept me close through the rocky days, and loved me as I needed to be loved all the way. My chicks, my heart sister gifts God knew I would need in my life? Abundant blessings, each one.

My coworkers sang me happy birthday, and threw me an apple themed party (apple crumble, apple coffee cake, sour apple can’t & apple danish!).

My parents are taking us all out to dinner tonight, and have been so supportive to us all over this past long haul that tears well up from thinking about their love shown in action.

What I have learned, and celebrate today?

I have always had blessings growing around me, because of His handiwork.

He has been the giver and keeper of my life.

He is the Water I need to drink in every day, to keep life flowing in my spirit.

He is the Word I crave daily, to fill me up and direct me how to life & get to know Him more.

The garden of my life will never run dry when I choose to ask the Gardener to keep pouring Himself into it. The pruning, uprooting and straightening out that occurs under the Gardener’s hand may be painful, the pests attack may try to permanently damage, but I celebrate the Life Giver has me.

Not just my back.
He’s fully got me.

And so, even when the bad days try to gray out all the Son, I can still water my garden, with His love, grace and mercy, and hope for the new day’s blessings to come, as He has planned for me!

Every day, not just our birthdays or anniversaries are worth celebrating! So pull out your nice dishes, fave tea cup, recipe you save for a special occasion.

Jesus has you.

Worth celebrating every moment of every day!

Don’t forget to allow Him to water your garden daily. Keep your eyes on the new growth each season. Let Him bring to life a new you as you sink deeper into Him.

Sunday Psalm: Ebb & Flow

The river seems too deep, God
as I stand on the shore.
I hear You calling my name,
the one You gave me.
Part of me wants to jump in
while the other part
remains anchored
to the safety of the shore.
You know the struggle I face,
and You change the surface
of the water until all I can see
is Your reflection.
Again You ask me to come
with that voice of love, majesty and triumph that stirs my soul
to action, and the battle within
is decided when I take the steps that move me forward,
closer to
Your Presence
and where You want me to be.
The waves come crashing around me once I get deep enough that
turning back is not an option,
and I am carried off into
Your ocean of love.
As the soaking ebbs & flows
over me, again & again,
I feel like I am in a dream.
Discord sounds off to the distance and I open my eyes,
taking my gaze off Your face
as I do.
And I begin to sink.
Panic wells up as I struggle,
desperate to breathe,
crying out with
all that I am for rescue.
You are there,
with Your hand stretched down
to bring me up
to the safety of Your Presence.
You were always there,
in command of the wind, water, storms and waves.
I am the one who looked away,
never You.
I praise You for Your love, God.
Your ever present,
always for us,
never failing,
into eternity
amazing love.
I can trust in You,
even when the waves come crashing,
the storm sounds escalate
and I feel lost along the way.
My Rescue is
always with reach,
keeping me within arm’s length,
vigilant in His watch.
I can rest as the waters
cleanse me,
invigorate me
and lead me to the shore
where He is waiting.



mirror the joy

Joy is at the heart of God. Joy is a command. Joy is strength and its absence will create weakness. God is the happiest being in the universe. And God’s intent was that his creation would mirror his joy.

– John Ortberg

We were meant to mirror His joy.

Joy can be found no matter what your circumstance, because joy is a choice.

Choosing to accept God is for you, even if you can’t see it right now.

Because truth is not related to your perspective. It is solid, dependable and lives forever.

Truth is part of the heart of God.
As is His joy.

God delights in us as His.

And that fact alone should bring you joy.

And if we are being joyful, God is too.

For He loves when His kids appreciate His gifts.

The more we acknowledge and name the gifts He has given and is giving us, the more joy we will experience.

I don’t know about you, but I can use more joy on a daily basis.

If we are experiencing being loved, and keeping track of the blessings God is directing your way, the joy will begin to puddle up, pool together and flow beyond anything you can imagine.

Its time for immeasurable joy.