for given all, forgive all


As His children, we are to be known for how we extend forgiveness.

Not because the other person deserves it.

Because you and I both know, there is no such person, for we ALL fall short of His standards. don’t we?

We are to forgive because we know the value of it.

For we are the forgiven.

Forgiveness is the gift God gave for us, and to us, because of Jesus.

Because we could not approach Him due to our filth, He made the way by both cleaning us & covering us. As if that weren’t enough, He specifically purposefully intentionally forgives us out of His great love.

We are to forgive because we are now Him to those around us.

We are to offer what we have gratefully received, for we know how freeing it was to be made clean and forgiven our wrongs

We are to extend this gift to those who hurt us, to show we want to obey and honor our God. To show we get it, this incredible gift of forgiveness.

He asks us to forgive.

And because we want to honor Him, for who He is & all He has done for us, we should.

Doesn’t mean it will be easy.

I have no doubt the walk to the cross weighed quite heavily on Jesus.

But because of love, He continued.

Because of His love, and our love for Him, may we forgive as He prompts us, each and every time.

May we be so known as for givers that people will question us as to why, & can meet the Forgiver.

For He gave His all, for us all.
And asks us to do the same as we follow His lead.