when God’s love letter appears unexpectedly

I have searched the whole world to find you. You are My Beloved. The one I have chosen. The one I love. I have a deep seeded cry I have left unspoken for a very long time. It is possible to appear normal on the outside but to have a  broken piece within crying outContinue reading “when God’s love letter appears unexpectedly”

King of the lost and found

God is the King of the lost and found. That may be astonishingly obvious to some, and completely oblivious to others, but our belief in that truth does not mke it any less true. God came to find the lost. Those of us who are able to admit our desperate need for Him who HeContinue reading “King of the lost and found”

in Your eyes

My best is just that. Mine. My best effort, filled with all the passion, skill and gifts I have to back it. I have a hard time letting myself down, let alone people. And God. But I know myself. I have the tendency to see if I am pleasing those around me, family, friends &Continue reading “in Your eyes”

never beyond reach

Because maybe Jesus wants us to know there is no place we can find ourselves where His presence cannot reach us. Bonnie Gray, Finding Spiritual Whitespace Sometimes there are lines you can read that reach out to squeeze your heart so tightly, it becomes hard to breathe. The quote above just did so to meContinue reading “never beyond reach”

oh where is my hairbrush?

I am a put it back in its spot kinda gal. Not too OCD about it, but I like to be able to easily find my stuff. My son is a lot like me in this way. Not so my hubby or daughter. They have the ‘where it lands, there it will stay’ approach whenContinue reading “oh where is my hairbrush?”