whines, how longs & putting it out there

It’s time to come clean.

I used to have a ‘Why me’, whiny tendency which ran deep.

Very deep, in fact it was my go to inside voice.

When God met me, one of the first things He pointed out to me was my need to whine.

For me, at that time, it was a need, because I wasn’t speaking out about what was bothering me in any other way.

Instead He reminds me I can tell Him how I am really feeling.

And I usually do, unless I get myself too busy without enough time set aside to hang out with Him.

So when I catch myself whining or complaining, I arrange to head to my refuge, the secret place where God & I meet.

I can bring myself just the way I am before Him. I can lay my whines, my how longs, why me and anything else weighing on me, and tell Him about it.

All of it.

No holds barred.

Keeping nothing back.

Pouring myself out of all the junk & stress makes room for more Him to refill me.

His peace in place of my whines.
His strength in the waiting.
Reassurance of who I am to Him.
Enough grace, mercy and hope for that day.

For His Presence is like manna.

Designed to be taken in a daily dose, to be all we need and more than enough for all we will face that day.

Join me today and trade in your junk for His joy.

Like manna, the miracle is found in the Provider, not His provision on its own.

mercy dwarfs mistakes

I have a tendency to be too hard on myself.

Maybe you can relate.

Like everyone else, I hate to make mistakes.
but the real issue for me?

I tend to mope and brood over my mistakes…
I don’t take as long a time as I used to to go to God.

But it still isn’t my first thought, I am ashamed to confess…

My mistakes loom larger than God when I haven’t taken the time to spend close time with Him.

Yet God, my God, never changes.

And His Word tells me His mercy is new each and every morning.

Every day, always.

Not because I deserve His forgiveness, and the mercy it brings.

But because of His great love, for us, for me….

I just need to come into His Presence
and admit my mistakes.

Sometimes the few steps feel like a mile.

But the freedom that results when I make it,
oh my souls sings a new song
in gratitude, praise and sheer adoration.

I am trying to learn from my mistakes
and keep them in perspective.

God is bigger than any mistake I have, could have or ever will do.

I need to stop wasting time pondering my mistakes.

I am ready to start again every morning with a fresh start.

How about you?

blown it?


Ever have days where you feel like you have blown it so badly, there is no hope for you?

I can relate.

I have wished, like many of you, I could take back that dumb comment, kept my mouth shut,
stayed out of ‘it’,
handled ‘it’ differently,
or knew then what I know now.

But there is nothing I have done that makes me too far gone for God to reach out for me.
Restore me.
Love up on me.
Want me as His.

When we come and tell Him how much we need Him, knowing all the wrong we do and are capable of, and ask Him to help us become new…
He does.

His Spirit can blow into the slightest crack if you leave it open.

There are days, moments & memories where I wished at those times that I had not blown it.

The items I have purchased i didn’t need.

The friends I didn’t reach out to, letting those relationships fade into the background as work took the foreground.

The times of hanging out with God I missed out on as I was too busy to stop and smell the daffodils (I am allergic to roses!)

The words I missed speaking because i was too afraid to share them at the time.

The words I hurled as weapons, ready to hurt the receiver as much as they had hurt me with their words.

In each of the many situations where i have blown it, the Spirit was there, waiting for me to incline my ear to His direction, His whispers of wisdom, listening to His love for me.

Each day, each moment is a new chance to follow where and how the Spirit leads.

Don’t miss out because you can’t forgive yourself for the past.

Let the Spirit blow freshness, new insight and an overwhelming sense of love & peace into you, as you surrender the what was and move into the what can be.

Together with the Spirit, blow out the cobwebs and blow in His presence as He fills you.