Community Chatter

Relevant Magazine recently posted an interesting article (6 Things Every Strong Community Needs) that got my brain pondering: Community Here are their six headings, and my comments. Intentionality Sometimes we have to purpose to become community. And other times, it just happens. This can happen in school, work, church, or your neighborhood. You may haveContinue reading “Community Chatter”

bless from the mess

You catch way more flies with honey than vinegar. -Unknown I recently had a gear shift, or what you may refer to as an ‘aha’ moment. I have a few friends who are both teachers. My newest friend of the two finally felt she found the school she was meant to stay in, and wasContinue reading “bless from the mess”

complete or compete

“God never wanted us to compete with each other. He wants us to compete and celebrate each other, embracing who we are in Him.” -Renee Swope Are you competitive? Competing can be a good thing, when you are trying to do your best in a sport or skill competition. Putting others down isn’t part ofContinue reading “complete or compete”