seasons change

A friend I haven’t connected with for a long time came to mind this morning while I was getting ready for my day. So I asked God (which I am starting to do more & more) if I should get in touch with her. He said, “Leave things as they are.” I prayed for GodContinue reading “seasons change”

Community Chatter

Relevant Magazine recently posted an interesting article (6 Things Every Strong Community Needs) that got my brain pondering: Community Here are their six headings, and my comments. Intentionality Sometimes we have to purpose to become community. And other times, it just happens. This can happen in school, work, church, or your neighborhood. You may haveContinue reading “Community Chatter”

and then there were two…

It is always interesting to me to find someone else who is thinking like me. Not because I am such a great intellectual thinker, but because I look at things, as we all do, with my own unique viewpoint, based on my skills, gifts and life experiences. Today, I reconnected with a good friend IContinue reading “and then there were two…”