the gifts along the path

I wanted the gift of the shortest and easiest path. Instead, He gave me the gift of holding me close and strengthening me for the hard path. It took me a long time to understand that both were gifts. And as I embraced the second, my need for the first lost its tormenting grip. –Continue reading “the gifts along the path”

Sunday Psalm: in the depths

In the depths where we hide our hearts the deep cries are made In the heights of Heaven Your tears at our plight were great For You so loved us all You decided to send part of Yourself to meet our need with the gift of Your son merged with our DNA Such depth toContinue reading “Sunday Psalm: in the depths”

Joy to the World

Joy to the World, the Lord is come! Let earth receive her King; Let every heart prepare Him room, And Heaven and nature sing, And Heaven and nature sing, And Heaven, and Heaven, and nature sing…. the wonders of His love! This season is meant to be a shining beacon of hope to a wearyContinue reading “Joy to the World”

Love Came Down at Christmas

Love came down at Christmas Love, a lovely love divine Love was born at Christmas Stars and angels gave the sign Love arrived at Christmas. But it wasn’t a new love. It was the same Love that yearned for someone to love beyond the loving union of Father, Son & Holy Spirit, and so LoveContinue reading “Love Came Down at Christmas”

hand it to you

When I used to get something I loved, I had the overwhelming desire to keep it to myself. Like a hoarder, but of blessings. As a newborn follower, I needed God to teach me that every blessing comes from Him not only to bless me, but in turn for me to be able to blessContinue reading “hand it to you”

food for thought

There have been two occasions where people specifically listened to God and acted upon it, where the result ended up with my family being fed. When our children were quite small, circumstances left us tighter than usual for money with sick (a la chicken pox) children at home.  With about $50 to our name, weContinue reading “food for thought”

Sunday Psalm: Relentless Love

You carry us, carry us when the world gives way You cover us, cover us with Your endless grace Your love is relentless! – Hillsong United Relentless, You placed the entirety of Your heart into the plan You have for bringing us back to You. His plan will not fail, because His passionate pursuit ofContinue reading “Sunday Psalm: Relentless Love”

she will be loved…

There is a song by a popular band that caught my attention a few days ago when God brought the name of the song to mind….”She will be loved.” Then I realized He was talking about me. That little girl within me that still doesn’t feel loveable or worth being loved? God was speaking toContinue reading “she will be loved…”

Sunday Psalm: these feet are meant to follow

Today I looked down and realized my feet are designed not only to hold me up but to help direct my path. My feet have recently come under attack, and when they did, I realized just how precious a gift they are to me, to all of us who have them. For where my feetContinue reading “Sunday Psalm: these feet are meant to follow”