name the doubt & grab His hem

I am more than a bit timid when it comes to asking God for something i want for myself. In fact, I tend to ask for myself as a tag along, or add on at the end of praying for other people’s needs. Which isn’t a healthy symptom at all. You see, that likely meansContinue reading “name the doubt & grab His hem”

only part of the story

Oh as you run, what hindered love will only become part of the story. –Steffany Gretzinger, Come out of Hiding A few weeks ago, I took part in a night of prophetic teaching, and one of the words spoken was the lyrics to this song. It snuck past my defences, and opened my heart toContinue reading “only part of the story”

echoes of grace & gratitude

Grace invokes gratitude like the voice an echo. Gratitude follows grace like thunder lightning. – Karl Barth The older I get, the more I see a world that needs grace. And I need that grace too. @Bryan miles tweet Splashes of grace Fall like rain On my parched soil From the first glimpses of sunContinue reading “echoes of grace & gratitude”

Sunday Psalm: Sing a New Psalm

For the past 112 of 114 days I have been have a quiet time reading a psalm a day. I have discovered three main things along the journey: 1. God is found in all situations, from each breath we take every day to the running of nations. He reigns over all. He is righteous, living,Continue reading “Sunday Psalm: Sing a New Psalm”

Reason #5 to Give Thanks: Because You Can

The last my top 5 reasons to give thanks ends with: Because You Can (also known as Why Not?)  🙂 If you are alive, you have a reason to give thanks. If you have anyone on earth or in heaven who loves you, you have a reason to give thanks. If you can eat, breathe,Continue reading “Reason #5 to Give Thanks: Because You Can”

Reason #4 to Give Thanks: Because You Care

Every day, all around you, are people. People,who like you and I, need to know they are appreciated. That what they do for others (such as us) is helpful, needed, thoughtful, well done. They need to hear that thanks. But this isn’t that kind of thanks I am referring to today… When someone has blessedContinue reading “Reason #4 to Give Thanks: Because You Care”

Reason #3 to Give Thanks: Because He Cares

Today, I was ready for a day to myself. To worship, soak in the tub, do an online course and a bunch of writing. God interrupted my plans with two kids unexpectedly home under foot, a phone prob, and updates to project work…not the day I had expected to have on my day off thisContinue reading “Reason #3 to Give Thanks: Because He Cares”

Reason #2 to Give Thanks: When it Clicks

When something somehow goes right despite your fears or concerns, somehow clicking into place unexpectedly- I give God thanks. Coz when I invite Him in to the situation or day, He was there, and is the main reason for success when things click!   Knowing He is always with me reminds me the praise iContinue reading “Reason #2 to Give Thanks: When it Clicks”

Reason #1 to Give Thanks: When its a Challenge

There are several books and resources to help anyone out there wanting to become more grateful, including fellow Canadian excellent Ann Voskamp’s excellent 1000 Gifts. If you are like me, you may have days where reading a book might be too intimidating given what’s going on in your life. I have narrowed down my 5 main reasonsContinue reading “Reason #1 to Give Thanks: When its a Challenge”

caught in the headlights

The other day, someone was speaking highly about a skill I have while I was in the room, and I felt uncomfortable. I felt awkwardly caught in the headlights! The issue wasn’t that I had overheard, because the person knew I was there. The real issue? I am not used to praise and compliments, especially inContinue reading “caught in the headlights”