God’s proof of love for us is found in the scarred hands of Jesus. @1Tim6_11Men tweet I often try to hide my scars. Some of them are physical, many are emotional. We tend to hide what we don’t want people to see in us during first impressions. Especially if we really like the person we … More scarred

start with me

I want to comfort, offer hope, lift up and be a help to those in need. Where do I start? It has to start with me. I can’t lead someone where I have not been willing to let You lead me. I can’t express the joy of freedom when I don’t turn to You to … More start with me


thee pressure cooker of problems aren’t designed to see how much heat we can take, but to remind us to come to Him. Sounds good on paper, but is it true? Being refined is a hard process. God tries reaching us with His words, but many of us ignore them. He may try using kind … More beckon


Hands speak of so much to us: Words, in action. Comfort as we offer a hand. Provision, from the work of our hands. Therapy, healing- with a touch of a hand, release can occur. Whether your hands are small (like  Jewel’s hit song “Hands”.) or large, they have the potential to impact not only your … More hands…