When words cut deep, anger rises to the surface as the first line of defense. Some of us are able to tame it more quickly than others, while some struggle to get it under control. One thing we all have in common… We all hurt when words are used as weapons. Especially when the oneContinue reading “cut”

strong in the broken

Perhaps strength doesn’t reside in never having been broken, but in the courage to grow strong in the broken places. @BlessedTeens tweet, July 6th, 2014 If you have been broken, you can become strong again. Broken does not mean ready for the discard pile, as the world views broken things, people, dreams. Broken in theContinue reading “strong in the broken”

free to choose

Freedom has been calling out since losing Eden. With the beginning of work came the lie of self sufficiency. We can do out all on our own. And when we fall, over and over, freedom stands nearby, waiting for our word to step in and help us out from the pit we created. We haveContinue reading “free to choose”


Oh my. There was a huge battle waging within me as we began to rehearse for last night’s Downpour service. Singing with new people, in a new situation, and new songs aside, inside I was on edge. I knew something was going to happen. Didn’t know God was preparing to rock my boat. As aContinue reading “downpour”

Spirit bridge

I just finished a non-stop meal of James L. Rubart’s trilogy finale, ‘Spirit Bridge’. My faith grew within me. My soul left for joy. My mind shouted ‘Amazing, God.’ And a little voice whispered, ‘You know this isn’t for you, right?’ As the book clearly stated, the enemy likes to lie to us surrounding ourContinue reading “Spirit bridge”

come out of hiding

You were strong enough to survive the real trauma. You’re strong enough to let God bring you through the healing too. #TheMercifulScar Many of us wear our trauma like a wrap. Tightly wound, seemingly to protect us from more hurt, wound, pain. The wrapping instead begins to strangle our emotions, keeping the wounds from healing,Continue reading “come out of hiding”