resting in the moment with God

This Monday, I did something completely different.

I have a piece posting to a different website today, and I am inviting you to drop in and read how to find rest in the moment throughout your busy days.

There are a few tips & suggestions for those of us who need a jumping off point to add more rest for our souls into our daily life.

This is an area very close to my heart, as I have, like most of you, a very busy schedule but want to make God my priority and experience the rest He has for me, each and every day.

Like our bodies, our souls were designed for rest. The kind of rest where we are setting aside our usual busyness to spend time listening, praying and being with Him. Purposefully showing God He is our first priority for a period of time.

I would be blessed if you would visit Christian Women at Work, a Canadian site with practical tips for becoming who we were meant to be in God, whether at work or at rest. Bonny O’Hare is a phenomenal business woman who exemplifies a God seeker wherever she is.


Where to find hope when the world throws you for a loop?

Today, I am headed with one of my kids to the hospital emerge for a minor but very necessary semi emergency surgery.

It is not my first run to the emergency room, but this time I am better prepared.

How can I stay calm when my baby is headed under an aesthetic & the scalpel?

I have a choice over how I handle  things, regardless of the situations or outcomes in every storm that picks up speed and rages with the intent to pull me under.

I will let you in on a secret.
This step isn’t easy.
The more you have vested in what the storm is threatening, the more fear will swirl about you.

Where do you find hope when the water is headed over your head?

1. Look up. Make eye contact with the Father.

2. Listen for His echoes of hope, eternally sounding for all to hear.

3. Let loose with your need. Open your mouth, and cry out for His intervention.

4. Leave it with Him.

These are the four steps to claiming the peace God has for you, and experiencing Him as your hope, no matter what.

When we reach for stability when we can’t feel the bottom, God is there to anchor us.

When our hearts feel like they will break in two, God will keep you close.

When the words fail to make it to your voice, God hears the cry deep within.

When all else fails, God never has, and never will.

How do you walk out finding hope in His Presence?

It is not easy to do, especially with the sudden shocks we can find ourselves faced with. I so get that.

I can only tell you that when loved ones have died, God was there for me.

When health caused unexpected losses in income, God provided.

When loneliness threatened to pull me under, God drew close.

When pain screams loudly for my attention, God soothes my soul.


kind words- health for the soul & body


Kindness is essential to our soul and body.

You can connect with God, sleep right, eat well, forgive often & love your job, and still need kindness.

We all do.

We were designed to need encouragement.
Genuine praise.
Positive input.
A well timed kind word.

More than just a pat on the back or a cliche comment, kindness demonstrates to our soul that we matter.

We all have that burning desire to be known, to matter.

And in a world where so many of us are consumed with self, our stuff and getting through the day, we forget this key fact: we ALL NEED kindness. It isn’t an optional part of the package, like paying to upgrade to automatic.

Without kindness, we wither away.

Years ago, psychologists experimented on children in orphanages. Some were given positive touch and words; others only spoken to when they had to, and touched only in necessity, never in kindness.

The kids that were given kindness developed well. The children from whom kindness was withheld, did not flourish. In fact, many died of what I suspect were broken hearts from not feeling wanted.

Withholding kindness deeply wounds.

Offering kindness can open hearts, help restore and bind up wounds. Show them a glimmer of hope. To know that someone cares.

For many people, God is the kindest person they know.

I remember hearing Graham Cooke, British author and public speaker, share how he was basically hidden away from his father’s sight, never allowed to the table at meal times or ever to receive a birthday present, let alone a kind word. Graham ended up extremely angry, confused and in trouble. God stepped in, and loved up on Him that has radically changed Graham for life. He regularly shares how God is the kindest person he knows. Because for Graham, He was.

If you are listening to too many harsh words from those around you or the enemy, you need to withdraw to clear your mind within, and begin to listen for God to speak words of love, mercy, grace and kindness towards you.

Yes, you.

And it doesn’t stop there. As His hands, feet & mouth to the world, like the prophets of old, God may use you to speak something positive, encouraging, uplifting or kind to someone you know, as He whispers what to speak through you.

The bible reminds us that:

“Kind words are like honey. Sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.”

-Proverbs 16:24

Offer kindness to everyone you meet.
You never know, your words can make the difference in helping someone feel they can go on for another day, because they are reminded they matter with your kind words.

For they don’t just matter to those around them, but to God.

Your kindness may be the missing piece for them to understand that God loves them.

rest a while

Why is rest such a forgotten resource?

I think, simply put, so many of us are too busy to remember to stop to smell the flowers, pet the dog, chat with the neighbor or sit with a book.

I have rediscovered rest after a very hard season a few years ago, where I had a lot on my plate and almost none of it by choice. I had to literally book time to rest in. Even if it was reading for fun while in the bath once a week, I made sure I scheduled it in with pen.

Our bodies are not designed like the Energizer Bunny would suggests, to keep going and going and going without stopping. In fact, not getting enough sleep has been linked to: ( as outlined in:

1. Unsafe driving (can be as bad as drinking and driving)
2. More accidents on the job
3. More sick days
4. Impaired cognitive thinking- a harder time problem solving, paying attention, staying alert
5. Impaired cognitive learning- not getting into healthy sleep patterns helps us lose what we may have learned the day before
6. Serious heart problems: heart attacks, heart disease, heart failure and irregular heartbeat
7. High blood pressure, stroke or diabetes can develop
8. Lower sex drive
9. Depression
10. Loss of collagen, leading to puffy skin and bags under your eyes, leaving your skin to look older
11. Increased levels of cortisol, the stress hormone- which can lead to heart problems and diabetes
12. Too little growth hormone being released in youth, which can hinder proper development
13. Increased forgetfulness
14. Increase appetite, which can lead to:
15. Increased weight gain
16. Mood swings- being grouchy, touchy or moody
17. Live a shorter life
18. Impaired judgment. Lack of proper sleep can lead you to misread situations and make snap decisions as a result.

Our bodies actually require us to get enough rest (7-8 hours a night) in order to properly function and keep us well.
Since it is good for us, we need to make more effort to get enough sleep, and have downtime to relax.

But there is another kind of rest that you may need, which can help us relax the most. You may need to give up reminiscing about things that may have happened to you in the past.

No matter how much sleep your body may get, if your mind can’t stop going over your hurts, you can actually still end up ill, as if you weren’t getting enough sleep. Figure out how to let it go, so that it becomes a chapter in your history instead of the title of your life’s story. Allow yourself to move on, and put the hurts to rest.

Rest physically,
Rest emotionally,
Rest deep in your soul.

Off for my Sunday afternoon nap ­čÖé

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