resting in the moment with God

This Monday, I did something completely different. I have a piece posting to a different website today, and I am inviting you to drop in and read how to find rest in the moment throughout your busy days. There are a few tips & suggestions for those of us who need a jumping off pointContinue reading “resting in the moment with God”

Where to find hope when the world throws you for a loop?

Today, I am headed with one of my kids to the hospital emerge for a minor but very necessary semi emergency surgery. It is not my first run to the emergency room, but this time I am better prepared. How can I stay calm when my baby is headed under an aesthetic & the scalpel?Continue reading “Where to find hope when the world throws you for a loop?”

kind words- health for the soul & body

Kindness is essential to our soul and body. You can connect with God, sleep right, eat well, forgive often & love your job, and still need kindness. We all do. We were designed to need encouragement. Genuine praise. Positive input. A well timed kind word. More than just a pat on the back or aContinue reading “kind words- health for the soul & body”