where is Home?


A few weeks ago while hubby & I were on a walking date, we got chatting about houses.  I love smaller places then hubby, and he made a comment about how differently we thought about homes.  I replied you are my home, not where we are living.

Wherever he is, is home to me.

Home requires staying in one place. A rootedness that seems to be forgotten in this never before seen age of travel & exploration.

Not all have learned the secret to making a home….

You carry home within you.


I have now lived in houses of many sizes, stayed in rentals, motels & hotels over the years.

Home remained with me through them all.

When God makes His home in You, you are given the gift of home within.

Wherever you go, you are Home.

For He is with you & in You, everywhere you go!

So it doesn’t matter what country or house or apartment or condo I live in.

I can be at home anywhere, as long as He is my Home.

As a natural nester, this was a hard concept for me to initially grasp.  I wanted a tangible physical house to call home.

God blessed us after two ‘interesting’ apartment rentals with a long term townhouse rental for several years.  And I tried to nest, but was restless.

Then we had the opportunity to buy a house.  And when we did, God reminded me that it isn’t the size of the house, but the heart that makes a house a home.

When we live in time with His heartbeat, we are Home.

I can nestle in with Him at anytime, and know I am Home.

Today, right now, take a moment to close your eyes, and listen for your heartbeat.

Remind yourself that He is at home within you.

Ask Him to help you always remember He is your true Home.

It doesn’t matter where you go.
It doesn’t matter where you live.
Home is about the heart.

Lord, make Yourself at home with me.  Decorate me within until You are comfortable with the decor. Rearrange me until I follow where You direct me. Wherever you are, I want to be. You are my forever Home, and thank You for the glimpse of Home you give me every day.

May together we create a legacy of love in this Home for Your glory.

God is…unconditional

God so loved the WORLD (and each one living on it) that He gave up His only Son, Jesus, to die for ALL their wrongs & mistakes and make them whole again. Anyone who believes in Jesus & accepts this love giving gift will become His Beloved, forever.

John 3:16 (paraphrase mine)

Your name’s  included.

The truth we try to talk ourselves out of when we think what we did was so terrible, God must have made an exception and excluded us.

Not so, Beloved.

Each person ever’s name is on His love list.

His love is unconditionally offered.

No strings attached.

It just needs to be received.

What good is an engagement ring left in its box in your dresser drawer, never opened.

It would hard to know your fiance loves you if he left your ring to be randomly discovered whenever.

God isn’t like that at all.

His love unconditionally pursues each and every one of us, all of our days.


He takes in the tax collectors, fishermen, rabbi rejects, accountants with hidden agendas, murderers, stutterers, foreigners, prostitutes…those who all have brokenness & great need of Him.

He accepts what they have to bring.


When Mary sister of Martha came & broke the expensive jar of exquisite perfume and anointed Jesus’ feet with it, mixed with her tears? She offered her best to honor the One who not only saved her brother from the grave, but was headed to the cross to take all our sin upon Himself, without condition. 

She understood what all those who sat at that same table missed…

Unconditional love deserves unswerving love, offering & devotion in return.

Today, soak in the knowledge that you are included in His plans for this world. Your name is written in His hands, upon His heart and unconditional love glows in His eyes as He looks at you. May you never lose sight of this truth the rest of your days.


we long to be-loved


(image via Bonnie Gray http://www.faithbarista.com)

We all long to be loved.

We were hardwired with that longing, which was integrally woven into our design by our Designer & Creator.

For He longs for us to awaken from our slumber, and accept we are beloved.

But we are not only loved, and created to be loved.

We all long to be beloved.

That special someone to our special someone.

The treasured loved one, precious and not just wanted, but pursued with delight by our Beloved.

The truth is:
We are His beloved.

He paid His dearest to show us that love with abandon, right up to dying on that cross.

His drops of blood shed for us? They cleanse us, clothe us in the white robes of the Bride, His Beloved.

His heart beat? Beats for you.

When He sees you approach, His face glows with affection as His eyes catch yours.  He leans towards you, with wide open arms, ready to embrace you. He waits to hear what you have weighing on your mind, pressing on your heart, or have been carrying since you last got together.

But God? He doesn’t just sit there and wait for you to come.  He is proactive.

Jesus chose the cross out of His great love for us, full well knowing He would turn the world on its axis for all eternity.

He deposited His Spirit within you, so we would know we are His Beloved 24/7, wherever we go, whatever happens.

He not only loves us enough to save us, but to walk with us, moment by moment, through this life.  Actively loving us, 100% of the time.

That kind of devotion does not easily come around in this world.

And the clincher is: its yours, whenever you want it.  For all of your days, here and in heaven.

Beloved is not only our position before God, but our new name.

Today, let that truth steep into your very core.

Say it out loud, “I am His Beloved.”

Wait for God to say to you in return, “And you are Mine.”

My beloved is mine, and I am his.
Song of Solomon 2:16


Sunday Psalm: Love Letter to my Abba

Father God,
I am humbled at the thought
of Your great love for me.
My every tear is collected
by You,
my every thought known to You.
If it matters to me,
You remind me
over & over
that it matters to You,
because I do.
Every hair on my head,
(even those I don’t like to acknowledge
that have migrated elsewhere)
is counted by You.
My comings & goings,
my hopes & dreams,
my hurts & wonders,
my heart & Spirit,
all known by You,
my Father.

You loved me
even before I knew I was loved.
You not only designed me
in the secret place of Your love,
You sat on Your porch
ever keeping an eye out
for my return to Your home.
The prodigal daughter
humbling herself
before Her Father.

You are not only my Father,
the formal official title
which makes me Your heir
and officially part of Your family.

You are also my dad.
You hang out with me,
cheering me on,
holding my hand
when times are hard,
telling me how much You love me
when I need to hear it most.

My Abba,
without You
I would be so alone.
I wouldn’t know where I belonged,
I would be hopeless, helpless
and still in the mess
I was in when You adopted me
making me Your own.

You not only love me,
but like the best Fathers
You not only speak Your love
but show it to me often.
The other gifts You give me
pale beside Your Presence,
always with me.

You are my forever Father.
I delight in being Your daughter,
Abba, always.
May I never let go of the safety of Your grip, nor miss the glow of love in Your eyes when You look my way.




Resident: noun; a person who lives somewhere permanently or on a long-term basis.

Reside: verb;
1. have one’s permanent home in a particular place.
2. be situated.
3. (of power or a right) belong by right to a person or body.

Beloved, did you know God wants you to live, to reside with Him always?  Permanently.

As gobsmacking as that concept is to take at face value, it goes way deeper than this…this idea of resident.

Because not only does He want you to live, reside with Him, He sends Holy Spirit to take up residence, to reside within each of us who belong to Him.

We receive the right to have Holy Spirit, in all His power & Godness, as full time resident within us.

Mind blowing, isn’t it?!

Jesus was a walking living breathing demo to us of this, as He and His Father were one, each living within the other despite one being wrapped in humanity & the other in full unharnessed radiant divinity.

He lives in me, I live in Him.

God situated, with me in every situation, as I reside, found in Him.

God invites us to become full time, permanent residents in Him, and longs for us to allow Holy Spirit to freely move in all the areas within us.

We get the keys to His home, when we give over our keys within to Him.

Each new room we give up releases us to run into a new wonder, more of the wide open spaces of freedom God has waiting for us.

I don’t know about you, but I love being at home, and being made to feel welcome wherever i visit.

We all long to return where we are wondrously welcomed.

And how You welcome us into Your arms, heart & Home!

God, I welcome You into my whole life. Jesus, I thank You for covering my sin & making me right with You. Holy Spirit, make Yourself at home in me. Wherever I need a makeover, gently lead me to the right tools I need to set me free, and rebuild as You desire me to be.

May I reside in You, be found in You, no matter what, all my days.

May I be so familiar with Your Presence that heaven will confirm my feeling of home in the here and now.

Take a moment, and listen to: http://soaking.net/sarah-busco-make-your-home-inside-my-heart/


Allow God to speak to your heart about His moving in, and your moving deeper into His Presence & Stronghold.  Soak in Him, rest in His embrace.

May He embrace you as you seek Him afresh.

Note: Sarah Brusco is a Vineyard worship leader, through whom I have been blessed by her worshipful heart. She can be followed at https://m.facebook.com/thewovenwhisper or @SarahBrusco.

love matters

Over the past several weeks, there have been world shaking events such as Nepal’s earthquakes.

In North America, we have been recently hearing news about Josh Duggar & Caitlyn Jenner.

They all have one thing in common… they all matter to God.

All His kids matter to Him.

The ones who know Him.
The ones who wander far.
The ones who come running.
The ones who don’t know Him.

Our part?
Not to judge, but to love.

Huh? you might be asking yourself.  What do I mean by that?

Only God can see the heart.
Only He was meant to judge.

We are to love ALL we encounter, whether live or via the media.

Because each person who has ever been, is and is yet to be born matters to Him.

Do I agree with everything I hear or see going on in the world around me? Absolutely not.

Yet God’s standards are to be my filter for how I respond, not my feelings.

I choose to pray, and speak love.

I pray for the Duggars. Its hard to have your sins made so public, and to have people’s judgment in response be so obvious.

I pray for the Jenners. Its hard to see a loved one privately struggle to decide who they are, and have the world decide they need to tell you how they feel about it.

I pray for Nepal. Its hard to lose your people to sudden tragedy, and be so dependent upon the rest of the world for its help to recover.

All of what matters to humanity matters to God, because we matter to Him.

His great love for us had Him pour out His all to show the world that love.

We need to be His hand & feet, spreading His Words & heart to the hurting, broken, confused we encounter each day.

Through thick & thin, we need to be the living reminder that Love wins.

Everyone deeply matters to God.

Our differences matter in how they keep us from Him & one another. 

May we be so found in His embrace that His love will become evident wherever we go.


motivation matters


We are the people of busyness, aren’t we?

Life has become faster paced with the addition of increased technology & connectedness in our world. You can now have 24/7 access to almost any topic of interest around the clock. With email & cell phones you can be reached world wide.

We need to unplug from the busy & ask ourselves the why behind what we are doing.

Busyness for the sake of being busy is draining, lonely & empty.
With the radical rise of depression (by 2020 it will overtake heart disease as the number one cause of death & disability) we need to take the time to know the reasons we have for our actions, and live out lives of purpose.

Before we do anything else, as His people, we need to come close to Him. Enter His Presence, soak up the Son, connect with His heart, listen for His voice, act on His guidance….before anything else.

A wise man I work for says, “Make the most important thing the most important thing.”

Does God know you have made Him #1?  Do you make spending time in worship, prayer & the Word the priority in your day?

Does He have your heart? Do you know His heart for you?

Does the clamor of demands overpower the desire to connect with Him?

The sobering reality? No one else is going to help you make Him number one in your life.  They can make suggestions, share tips & resources, but only you can put them into practice.

For several years, I had my 30 min of quiet time in the afternoon, when my kids were napping and/or in kindergarten.

When they got older, around eight pm after bedtime worked for a few years, when hubby worked evening shifts.

When I worked the opening shifts at the coffee shops, I woke myself up with worship music, and had my quiet time when I got home from my shift while everyone else was still out.

I now get up earlier to do my 30 min before my work days, so they don’t become a daze of pointless busyness.

The past year, I have determined to do so, and I am healthier overall for it.  I feel closer to God, know He is for me, and I can depend on Him, so when the next wave of demands crashes on me, I am able to keep my head above the water & hear His voice.

Join Remade Ministries {and me :)} for 30 days of 30 minutes of time investing in blessing our King.

He not only deserves it, He longs for one on one time with you too.

Relationship over task, every time.

We can best serve with our hands & feet when our hearts & minds are fixed on doing what He ask us to do.  When our whole hearts are invested in making Him first place in our lives.

Then, and only then, our ministry will have impact for His kingdom.

For 30 days, give Him your first 30 minutes.  Make getting to know Him your priority over all else, and see how your life will change for the better.

When God reminds you what to say yes to, you will have no problem saying no to busyness for busyness’ sake. Your priorities will start to shift and fall as you follow His lead.

We are not meant to do it all, but we are all meant to know Him.

Great is Your Faithfulness

God, You have been so faithful to me.

When I have run from You,
You have been waiting
with open arms
for my return.
Always waiting expectantly,
with the extravagant love
I don’t deserve
and occasionally
taken for granted.

Like a moth to the flame
I am attracted to Your grace,
and the love radiating
in Your face.

You have never not been there
when I have needed You.
You, my rock, my foundation.


wrapping Words

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. John 14:18

12 short words.

Unwrapping His promise.

Encompassing the Father’s heart, the Present of Jesus,
the Presence of Holy Spirit.

God initiated.
God with us.
Embraced into His family.
Present, wherever we are.
Spoken by God to us.

Wrap His words around yourself  and live cloaked,
well covered in the knowing:
He has chosen YOU.
He loves YOU.
He will not leave YOU alone.
He is coming for YOU.

12 words, simply put, from His heart to yours.


If you need a physical reminder of His love & Words, consider purchasing one like I did this week at:

Part of this post was also seen this week at: Remade Ministries

when mothering hurts

I have not always had the relationship I enjoy now with my mom.  We have both had to work hard at forgiving one another & leaving the past behind to enjoy our current relationship. She is  a treasure i continue to enjoy getting to know better. 🙂

Nor has being a mother always been smooth sailing.  But my kids are the two biggest blessings God has bestowed upon me, and i am way more delighted with them than I am frustrated by the day to day messes they can leave around.

I can get how Mother’s Day stirs up lots of emotions within us:

For many,  joy over their relationship with their mothers, which has been filled with enough blessings to outweigh the growing pains & hard times.

 Joy at becoming a mom.

Others, grief over the early or sudden loss of their mothers, your soft place to land when things got rough or your sounding board when things were tough.

Grief over the unwise choices your children have made, as they have broken your heart by leaving or running away from home right into dangerous, unwise or unknown situations.

Or grief because you are not yet a mom. You have been struggling to have a child of your own.
You may have been blocked from formally adopting the child you adore.  
Your heart aches for what you desire.

Some experience loss because they were abandoned or rejected by their mothers, and intensely feel the lack of that relationship within.

The other side of loss is anger, over abusive or neglectful mothering.

And for those who desperately want to be mothered, no matter why, an intense longing for that hole within to be filled with a mom.  
Or the deep longing for your child to come home.
Or you long for the child you lost, the one who came before their time, or left before living a full life.

All these emotions can swirl around this holiday, making it one of the most emotionally intense holidays of the year.

I have experienced most of the above at one time or another.
I get it.

But more importantly, so does God.

He sees all the ways earthly mothering has broken, battered or abandoned those of you hurt by your mothers.

He knows the grief and devastation of your losses and your longings.

He wants to touch that painful emotion within.

I believe the father waiting for his son in the parable of the Prodigal Son also represents the full heart of God.  That kind of love also includes the heart of mothers.

If God designed man and woman to both be in His image, than both fathers and mothers reflect His heart.

He too longs for your child to come home.

He grieves with you when your mother is suddenly taken from you.

He sees the cries you try to hide at night as you wail in your pillow for the child you lost, or the children you’ve been told will not be coming.

He tears up when you stand at your mother’s grave, and a wave of grief shakes you to your core.

He is there with you.

Just as a mother might be….with her arm around you, even though you may be too dazed to know she is beside you.  Waiting for you to call, and share about your day.

I believe God gives those of us who are His ‘spiritual’ mothers, because He knows that so many of us are rocked by our childhoods, and need a wise discerning mother to step in and mother us where we need it.

I have been very blessed by one such mother, who has since moved on to worship & adore Her Lord face to face.  God caused her to step in at a time when I needed such a mom, with her loving wisdom and redirecting me to Him. I am now pleased to say I have such a relationship with my earthly mother, because He has helped us restore it.

Mother’s Day to me is an earthly celebration, if you don’t know God. Its only one day a year to thank your mom for what she does for you.

Mother’s Day in God’s eyes? An opportunity for every mother, whether by birth, adoption or spiritually, to appreciate the gift of the children He has placed in your care.  The ability to show God’s heart for His kids, every day.

If you are so blessed with a mom you adore, honor her.  Take her out for a meal, if not on Mother’s Day than on your birthday, the day God made her your mom.

Take flowers to her grave, play her favorite movie, sing her favorite song, wear her color.

However she needs to know you appreciate the blessing she is to you when she is alive, and for you to honor her memory in your heart.

And after Mother’s Day is over?

Then honor your mother every day by thanking God for her.

If you struggle with your relationship with your mom, please visit Bonnie Gray‘s excellent blog post on how to find healing from your hurt:


If you struggle with being the best mother you can to your children, or are waiting to become a mom, ask God to help you become that mother you desire to be.   He will give you the patience you need to stay calm in the terrible twos, the strength to endure the sleepless nights of teething, illness and out past curfew, the wisdom to raise that headstrong child, and the ability to look back and laugh at some of your fumbles.

The best thing you can do as a mother? Know God. And point your kids to Him.

May your children arise to call you blessed. Proverbs 31:28a