love poured red


Freedom isn’t free.
There is always a cost to freedom.

On this day, November 11th, Remembrance Day in Canada, I will be remembering the sacrifice of our veterans, past & present.
Those who gave their lives to ensure Canada stayed free.

The blood poured out to keep us free.

The fighting, the rations, the weather, the lack.

The bravery, the courage, the camaraderie, the heroic.

When the world was threatened with being torn apart, those who knew it was wrong stood up for what was right. Their love in action.

I am so grateful for the freedom I enjoy. Both my grandfathers were veterans, both changed forever in fighting for what was right.

As we pause for the moment of silence at 11am, there is another sacrifice I am reminded to be grateful for as well.

Freedom within.

You cannot fully grasp the concept of freedom until you know the pressure of being bound, oppressed. Chained down, unable to free yourself, hope ebbs away over time as you slowly accept your new reality as a prisoner.

Jesus changed all that.

His blood poured out on the cross set us free.

The choice, the birth, the years of preparation.

The walk, the touches, the wholeness, abundant life.

The cross, the whipping, the crown of thorns, the pierced aide and hands….

all lead to why the fight for freedom- LOVE in action.

Jesus came and set the captives free.  Freedom is available for all because of His sacrifice, His making the wrong right, His life laid down for what He believed in- freedom, and who He believes in- us:

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

John 15:13 NIV

Those who fought in the great wars? Who fight in the wars that erupt around the world still in our day? They reveal a glimpse of Jesus to the world in their actions, serving those who need them:

This is my command: Love one another the way I loved you..Put your life on the line for your friends.

 John 15:13 MSG

To those who have gone in before, may God give you your well fought, hard earned reward.

I honor you.

To those who struggle at returning home changed after your service, may you find the freedom, peace, and restoration found in Jesus.

I honor you.

For all those who have stood or are standing up for what is right, may God bless you for showing His love in your service.

He honors you.

To all those wanting to be free within.

He is waiting for you to come to the cross, offering a new hope.

His love poured red.
Freedom came at a great cost.
We Remember.