now covered in Love

I tend to be a hider by nature. Which only reinforces what we learned about ourselves in the Garden. When the going gets tough, we try to hide. This past week, I had a break through while getting quiet in His Presence one morning.    God revealed to me that i had agreed with aContinue reading “now covered in Love”


…the grand facade, so soon will burn…. In Your Eyes, Peter Gabriel For 30+ years now, I have sung this song, one of my faves, especially the delicate remake by Nichole Nordeman. Today i heard another word in place of ‘grand facade’: ‘masquerade. And in that split second of awareness that can only come fromContinue reading “maskheraid”

out of hiding

Come out of hiding, you’re safe here with Me  There’s no need to cover what I already see  You’ve got your reasons, but I hold your peace You’ve been on lockdown and I hold the key Chorus:  Cause I loved before you knew what was love And I saw it all, still I chose theContinue reading “out of hiding”