armor up

God is stirring something in His daughters today….can you sense it? He is calling us, His Bride, to band together & intercede, cry out for the ones we love. The enemy strategy is to take us down, however he can. God defeats him by linking us together with His power & love, and strengthening usContinue reading “armor up”

when the ground is shaking

Your work schedule has drastically changed, illness has suddenly inconvenienced you, the bills keep getting higher, and the weight of it all makes you feel like you are on shaky ground. Maybe, just maybe, you are like me. You can carry too much on your own shoulders, and all it takes is one shift ofContinue reading “when the ground is shaking”

be the you God designed

There are a lot of things about me which I love. My ability to multitask My love of puns & fun My voice when I sing My love of music My eyes My curls (95% of the time) My feet My passion to learn My burning yearn for more of God When you add allContinue reading “be the you God designed”