Sing a new song: Over Me

Yesterday, for the first time in quite a while, I wrote a new song. Not a new psalm as I do each Sunday, but an actual song I believe He wants me to sing one day. Many who know me know how much I love to sing. You only have to get into a carContinue reading “Sing a new song: Over Me”

comeback timing

When that setback happens in your life, its impact can have you believing there is no hope for a comeback. But that all depends on what you mean by these terms. A set back sets you back from the plan for your life. A come back gets you back on the right track. But whatContinue reading “comeback timing”

Give Thanks

Today, I give thanks. Throughout my day, these are the prayers I will be praying in thanks to the Giver of all good things. May Your Bride continue to give You thanks for all You are, and all You do for her each & every day. I thank You Lord for Your… LOVE. Poured outContinue reading “Give Thanks”

Sunday Psalm: Hope’s Anthem

The song lyrics to Hope’s Anthem is resounding through my heart this morning. Its been a rough emotional week as I have been wrestling down discouragement & renewing my walk with Hope.  This song is my new anthem, for my Hope is alive & arising within me from new depths today. 🙂 Sometimes what HeContinue reading “Sunday Psalm: Hope’s Anthem”

heaping coals

I have been reading twice in the past 12 hours about healing coals on your enemy’s head. And God whispered a revelation deep within that I cannot rest until I share. I know He is my Deliverer & Protector, He shields me & sings over me 24/7. That does not mean the enemy will notContinue reading “heaping coals”

what’s in your cup?

I am an avid tea drinker. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I love a good Americano, a perfectly balanced dark cup of coffee with a hint of cocoa & cherries, and I make a mean latte as a former barista. But tea is my thing. Whatever is in your cup in the morning will beContinue reading “what’s in your cup?”

when the going gets rough

I get a bit queasy on buses & boats. As long as I can keep my eyes fixed on a permanent spot, I am able to calm myself. In our daily lives, the waters can become rough with towering waves in the blink of an eye. Insecurity & doubt can rise to try and crashContinue reading “when the going gets rough”

Community revisited

Originally posted last spring for my church’s blog, however with the upcoming online Remade Community group kicking off this Monday, I have been revisiting what He has been teaching me about unity, and community. May you too be blessed by seeking greater unity with Him, and entering into deeper community with the Body. Like theContinue reading “Community revisited”

Spirit soaring

Today was to be a day off, but God had other plans for me, which is why I am currently find myself carefully trying to type on a bus! I got a heads up last night, as I was checking an email, and a new favorite song has been added to our to learn listContinue reading “Spirit soaring”