lasting hope

I am hardwired to be optimistic. It takes a lot to get me down… usually a combination of illness/injury, eating poorly & not sleeping enough. But like you, every day something tries to undermine my hope: I am married to a wonderful man, who tends to be more of an Eeyore in nature, mostly dueContinue reading “lasting hope”

Hello, it’s Me

Like so many of you, I too have been enthralled by Adele’s song Hello. Everyone can relate to feeling disconnected from someone who love, who may not be returning our affection. The passion Adele harnesses as she sings it stirred me so, it brought her revelation that someone this song was really God’s song forContinue reading “Hello, it’s Me”

comeback timing

When that setback happens in your life, its impact can have you believing there is no hope for a comeback. But that all depends on what you mean by these terms. A set back sets you back from the plan for your life. A come back gets you back on the right track. But whatContinue reading “comeback timing”

where is Home?

A few weeks ago while hubby & I were on a walking date, we got chatting about houses.  I love smaller places then hubby, and he made a comment about how differently we thought about homes.  I replied you are my home, not where we are living. Wherever he is, is home to me. HomeContinue reading “where is Home?”

call on His name

The name of the Lord is a strong fortress; the godly run to Him and are safe. Proverbs 18:10 Not only is God Himself our stronghold, our safe refuge, but His very name is a strong fortress! Have you ever faced something so mind-numbing, grief-paralyzing or shockingly painful that the only word you could speakContinue reading “call on His name”


Resident: noun; a person who lives somewhere permanently or on a long-term basis. Reside: verb; 1. have one’s permanent home in a particular place. 2. be situated. 3. (of power or a right) belong by right to a person or body. Beloved, did you know God wants you to live, to reside with Him always? Continue reading “resident”

hedgeaway Home

Yesterday, I startled a sweet little bird as I took my Nordic poles out for a spin.  Like the giant to Jack, I must have appeared a formidable threat. Before those of you who have met me laugh too hard at that thought, I don’t mention it because of what I did, but rather whatContinue reading “hedgeaway Home”

Sunday Psalm: Captivated

I come trembling with awe, hesitantly fearful as I approach You. I am so enamored with You, the very idea You might not feel the same about me fleetingly haunts my mind, as my insecurity & brokenness try to overcome me as I draw near. It is You I adore, and like the moth toContinue reading “Sunday Psalm: Captivated”

true North

Catherine Morland in Northanger Abbey is one of my least favorite characters of the 6 novels written by Jane Austen. Not because she has been poorly written, but because of the mirror it reflects of my own past. I find her character uncomfortable, as it reminds me of who I used to be in aContinue reading “true North”