give thanks hopeful rant

This week, a weariness i rarely have experienced before has left me tired.

Not only physically.

I realized that I am tired of:

false campaign promises (like c’mon, when a flyer tells me that the Liberals will cut child tax benefit from millionaires, and we stopped getting it $90,000+ before becoming millionaires, hullo?!!!!)

companies continuing to call even when we tell them we are on the do not call list & will close our accounts if they keep calling

when you can’t get a straight yes or no answer to your question, when all the proof is clearly there and has been for quite some time

when people make a big deal out of a molehill, so much so what really matters become hidden in the process

On these kinda days, its always good to review your thankful list.

I am thankful for….

Without it, I would be missing out on all the blessings I have!

Without His, I wouldn’t have come to be.
The ones He brings me to keep me, no matter what the season. The ones that spark hope & joy on the dreariest of days.
The ones which I sing to Him in thanks for those He songs over me.

Without it, I wouldn’t be here.
Each hug, word of encouragement, free latte, ride to & from work, covering my shifts when I need time off, listening to me vent, praying for me

Without it, i wouldn’t want to be here. Because each new day He blesses me with is filled with a fresh clean slate!

Instead of fixing my thoughts & heart on wearies me, i choose to let what needs to go go, and cling to what adds life. 

To give Him thanks more than I whine.

To remind myself if the blessings of a life spent with & gifted from Him.



snapshots of hope

There have been more than a few moments most days where I can honestly say, I am glad I am a hopeful person. No longer a Piglet with fear, or an Eeyore filled with disappointment, I am now free in a way i could never of dreamed when I was a teen!

Hope is one of my all time favorite words. Ever. Which you may agree with, as we add the pieces together to make a hopeful person:

Hope that in the here and now, I am never alone.

Hope that no matter how bad it gets, I am never abandoned.

Hope that I can change, despite my past mistakes & failures.

Hope for a better future.

Hope in my forever home.

Hope in arriving in heaven and meeting my Hope face to face on a warm embrace.

Hope is the best hope it can possible be when it is founded on the eternal Hope, God.

Hope can smile over what will be, when what is is not looking so hot!

Hope is fluffiest when it is my cat Hope, who reminds me that God can move mountains, raise the dead & soften hearts.

Hope helps keep my heart beating, even when its broken or skipping a beat.

Hope is the anchor keeping me from falling overboard in the storms.

Hope knows that good things are headed your way, even when all you can see is the swirl of storm clouds blocking your view.

May you discover the thrill of the hope you have in Him tonight!