where is Home?


A few weeks ago while hubby & I were on a walking date, we got chatting about houses.  I love smaller places then hubby, and he made a comment about how differently we thought about homes.  I replied you are my home, not where we are living.

Wherever he is, is home to me.

Home requires staying in one place. A rootedness that seems to be forgotten in this never before seen age of travel & exploration.

Not all have learned the secret to making a home….

You carry home within you.


I have now lived in houses of many sizes, stayed in rentals, motels & hotels over the years.

Home remained with me through them all.

When God makes His home in You, you are given the gift of home within.

Wherever you go, you are Home.

For He is with you & in You, everywhere you go!

So it doesn’t matter what country or house or apartment or condo I live in.

I can be at home anywhere, as long as He is my Home.

As a natural nester, this was a hard concept for me to initially grasp.  I wanted a tangible physical house to call home.

God blessed us after two ‘interesting’ apartment rentals with a long term townhouse rental for several years.  And I tried to nest, but was restless.

Then we had the opportunity to buy a house.  And when we did, God reminded me that it isn’t the size of the house, but the heart that makes a house a home.

When we live in time with His heartbeat, we are Home.

I can nestle in with Him at anytime, and know I am Home.

Today, right now, take a moment to close your eyes, and listen for your heartbeat.

Remind yourself that He is at home within you.

Ask Him to help you always remember He is your true Home.

It doesn’t matter where you go.
It doesn’t matter where you live.
Home is about the heart.

Lord, make Yourself at home with me.  Decorate me within until You are comfortable with the decor. Rearrange me until I follow where You direct me. Wherever you are, I want to be. You are my forever Home, and thank You for the glimpse of Home you give me every day.

May together we create a legacy of love in this Home for Your glory.

small nests


I have discovered small quarters can work as an amplifier for those living within them.

I prefer a cozy sized home.  For our family of four (plus pets), our home has been perfect for us. A home that wraps about us,and embraces us.

We don’t have too much privacy from one another in our about 1300 square foot house, but for me, that has helped make it a home.

Home to me is not a pristine show place, but a place where grace & love are experienced daily. Where disagreements & squabbles can’t be swept under the rug of excess space, and His Presence can be found.  Where we aim for peace before bed, forgiveness to flow 24/7 & new mercy every morning.

I am not naturally comfortable in big spaces or places, but have learned that as long as I know I am going home to where I truly belong, I can make due.

The same can be said about our relationship with God.

I want God to make Himself comfortable in every room of His home within me.  I want Him to be in charge of making it a home He wants to hang out in.  I don’t want so much space across the rooms that I can’t see Him at work in it. 

I want His love to have free reign within, but find I need to be reined in so He can expand & fill me more fully.

I want to be small enough I can acknowledge His need, and overflow beyond my needs into the waiting hands longing for His touch about me.

I want His love within to be seen more than the size of my house, or heart. 

My experience?

Love grows best in small nests.

I often refer to my home as my Nest. When I feel His Presence most at home, I like to refer to it as “nestformysoul.”  If I don’t need to be away from home, you can usually find me in my Nest, resting on my spot on our sofa, reading, singing or writing when I am alone, spending time with my family & friends.