second hand and broken

The Bible is full of people who didn’t get it right the first time. People who ended up broken & down on their luck. Those who betrayed, wounded & ridiculed one another. And God loves each one. In this age where society raises people up to high pedestals and assists in crashing them down whenContinue reading “second hand and broken”

when God arrives in your brokeness

Tonight, we remember Jesus born of Mary, bundled to keep warm, resting after His big arrival in an animal’s feeding trough. Not quite the King sized bed you and I expected for the most important king in history. God knew one thing that would make all the difference with the arrival of Jesus. We needContinue reading “when God arrives in your brokeness”

when the sky fills with wonder…the star

We observed a star in the eastern sky that signaled his birth…. Matthew 2:2 A bright star appeared in the eastern skies to herald the newborn King. God didn’t leave anything out in trying to reach humanity. The scholarly Magi, exceptionally intelligent and scientifically gifted, were entralled with the wonder of this star. Why didContinue reading “when the sky fills with wonder…the star”

womb with a view

This title would not let me go: Womb with a view. What else would you call it? Jesus, one third of the Trinity, enfolded His divinity with the help of Holy Spirit and became flesh, bone & blood in a virgin’s womb. Wow. Just that action, a flash of a nanomoment in human time, sentContinue reading “womb with a view”

on the road to Bethlehem

We left off with Joseph & Mary on the long trek to Bethlehem. Still on the road… I wonder if Mary asked,  “Are we there yet?!” as her womb started sending signals it was full and had had enough. I wonder how sick of leading the donkey and being on his feet all day JosephContinue reading “on the road to Bethlehem”

touchy touchy

There are moments when we don’t want to be touched. When we want to stay entrenched in our fury, stand on our injustices and refuse to allow the pressure to  release. When we want to be right even though a little voice may be poking us to tell us we aren’t. When we have lostContinue reading “touchy touchy”

the hues that matter

Today I was struck anew at God’s creation. I went downtown, and people observed every step of the way. Not only do people come in all shapes and sizes, they come in many different hues. Like me, you may be thinking Hugh Jackman, Hugh Laurie or Hugh Dancy (three of my favorite Hugh’s)…but that isContinue reading “the hues that matter”