snapshots along the way: inbetween

In between the tomb and the reveal was time.

Time spent in flustered confusion.
Waterworks of weeping.
Loud lamenting.
Deep sorrow.

Not only over the One nailed to the tree, but also for their betraying brother who ended his life distraught over his part in harming the One they all loved.

They lost Judas too.

They didn’t yet get that Jesus wasn’t lost forever.

The big question everyone was either speaking about loud or in the forefront of their minds:

If Jesus was who He said He was, why did it have to go down that way?

Why the anguish, the suffering of Jesus? 

Why did the people turn on Him, after all He did for them?

Why did Jesus speak about remembering Him, and the temple being restored after 3 days?

Why is all this happening, God?

Why didn’t I pay closer attention to Him while He was still with us?

Not that much has changed in 2000 years, has it?

If you are being honest too, we all hate to wait. Being stuck in that inbetween, that ‘limbo’ holding space between actions. Waiting for what we cannot always know is coming. Waiting with wavering faith, shed tears, shattered dreams.

Jesus can relate.

I believe He took that time, not necessarily because He had to but to show us He understands the tension in between, coz He’s been there.

His whole life on earth was just such a tension. Fully man & Fully God, waiting for His big reveal.

We have a Savior who has lived through all that humanity has to offer us here on earth. 

He can relate.

Coz He has been there.

Instead of reminding us of what is about to come, we need to wait.

Remember the tension between reality and what we hope for yet to come.

And wait….


holding pattern

The limbo of waiting and being in between.

There is nothing quite like it.

The pain that comes from holding yourself back.

The tension of the not quite yet.

So close you can almost taste it.

In my life, it usually is a time of self examination.

What do I need to purge from myself to be ready for what is coming?

Am I too impatient? Controlling? Indecisive?

Do I have a bad habit or behavior I need to pull out by the root to make way for a healthier new one?

Is there something that I have left unfinished that I need to complete?

Is God wanting me to trust more, leave fear and worry behind and amp up my faith factor?

Not only time itself will tell.

Time spent with God is the difference maker.

Worshipping who He is.
Pouring out our thanks in praise for what He has done in our lives.
Listening and looking for His promptings and whispers of direction.
Soaking in His presence.
Filling up with His truth in the Word.

Somehow interwoven together with all those actions above, is waiting.

The waiting is that limbo in between what is now, and what is to come.

When we actively wait, expecting God will move and answer us, we are changed in the process.

Saving up or working for something we long for has such a sweet satisfaction attached to finally achieving it, like buying a car or paying off your mortgage.

God works the same way.

We are somehow stronger in depending and waiting on God, instead of jumping right in.

You see, we only see time as linear, moving forward minute by minute.
God sees all of time, history from before the first of creation right until the forever of the new heaven. Forever, each ever has been, is and will be moment of existence.

If He thinks we need to wait, there is a good reason for it.

I have decided to trust in the holding pattern I am in, even though I want what I want now.

Sound familiar?

That is the worldly kingdom talking.

And I want that bad attitude out of me.

Which is likely why God has me waiting….

So may I hear Your plans for me, God, and make the changes I need to to join where and when and what You have for me.