John’s birth announcement

Ever wonder what John’s birth announcement would have looked like? That’s where my mind went last night.

Imagine the birth announcement in the paper….

photo of Zachariah, infant John & Elizabeth, with godmother Mary

“With each child, the world begins anew!”

With great surprise
& overwhelming joy,
we announce
the safe arrival of
son of Zachariah
& Elizabeth

weighing 7 pounds 3 ounces

born July 24th
in Hill Country, Judea

In lieu of gifts, the family ask for every prayer offerings for the coming Messiah.

And then imagine the local news coverage of the event…

On July 24th, a long awaited miracle took place in our small town. Local priest Zachariah and his elderly wife Elizabeth shockingly gave birth to a healthy young boy after decades of fruitlessness.

In another unexpected twist, bucking tradition, their son
John was not given a traditional family name. Instead, he was named, as an inside source explained, by God as relayed through the angel Zachariah saw in the temple while working. This occurred right before he lost his ability to speak, only a short whole before Elizabeth went missing until well into her pregnancy.

The parents give all the credit to their late in life conception to the Creator, and are deeply moved at His miraculous answer to their dream of having a child.

On John’s naming day August 2nd, amidst all the upheaval over the parents’ choice of name, Zachariah’s speech was restored!

He apparently had way too much wine in celebration, and uttered some strange poetic verses over John once he was able to speak again…

Despite some of the quirks to this story, it is apparent that God has blessed this couple with a late in life bundle they are delighted to have received, and we should keep an eye out for what God may have in store for this special boy.