mirror the joy

Joy is at the heart of God. Joy is a command. Joy is strength and its absence will create weakness. God is the happiest being in the universe. And God’s intent was that his creation would mirror his joy. – John Ortberg We were meant to mirror His joy. Joy can be found no matterContinue reading “mirror the joy”

bring on the Joy

I don’t know about you but I am ready for more joy. Real Joy. Not the kind that depends on stuff, or what people do for me, but the kind that comes from the source of Joy Himself. I am tired of the substitutes. Going somewhere because you should/have to, when every fibre of yourContinue reading “bring on the Joy”


There is a waterfall up ahead. How wet you get depends on how close you get to the water. God’s love runs deeper than we can fathom higher than our eye can see stronger than death or illness wider than the horizon is off afar a tap missing a shut off valve, it keeps goingContinue reading “waterfall”