free to be

Today is Canada Day, and Independence Day for our neighbors to the south is fast behind. These dates remind me of the cost of freedom. Much blood has been shed, and even more prayer, hope & dreams invested in freedom around the world. And yet, we still have slavery, prejudice, racism & hatred in theContinue reading “free to be”

there can only be One

There can only be One. We may think that there are more, we may even deceive ourselves that we are it. But what the world screams the loudest is usually fueled by the enemy, the one who tries to counterfeit the Original, isn’t it? At the center of humanity’s inability to get along is theContinue reading “there can only be One”

bind with grace & mercy

When was the last time you were shown grace when you least deserved it? Mercy is NOT getting what we deserve. Grace is getting what we DON’T deserve. Both show us just how much God loves us. But are we in turn showing that to those around us? I have had a few doozy situationsContinue reading “bind with grace & mercy”