It is Remembrance day in Canada today.  I am so thankful to our soldiers who pursue justice at great cost to themselves, some even to death, to take a stand for freedom and to protect people in need. I have met a few over the years, and each one was changed after having served. Both my grandfathers served in the Second World War at great personal cost.

There is a sacrifice many time we take for granted, and only really acknowledge deep within at Easter.

Jesus on the cross.

Where do you think humanity got the idea to serve and protect? I believe the Father, Son & Spirit wove in their characteristics into each of us when they created us.
We are, after all, made in God’s  image.

But it isn’t just obedience or duty that makes our soldiers do what they do, nor was it so with Jesus.

It is the love.

Love of country, and love of those they wish to be reunited with are what drives soldiers to keep serving.  A sense of justice, and a call to make things right where they are off balance added to that passionate love makes it love in action.

Jesus was no different.

He loves His country, His people, justice, freedom and restoration.

This was the heart and mind package added to His obedience and willingness to lay down His life which kept Him on the road to the cross.

His love for us is what kept Him on that cross, and enduring that pain.

For those of you whose spouse did not return home the same after serving their country, I pray for God to show Himself strong as He restores each of you and your marriage.  That He would pour in His love

For those of you whose lives one did not return, please hear that God’s heart breaks alongside yours. He understands the pain of separation.  He knows our loved ones are emblazoned upon our heart and minds, and how it hurts when we are suddenly ripped away from the one we love. When part of our very being feels like it has died.

God severed His constant communion with the Son He adores so our freedom could be bought.  He really loves us.

Did you know your name is written on His hands?

The surge of tattoos, family portraits and custom jewelry in our culture tells me that people want to remember what is important to them, and want visual reminders to do so.

In Jesus’ case, His nail scars are emblazoned on His hands for each of us to see how much He loves us.

He will never forget us, nor should we forget the cost His love paid for our freedom.

We are meant to remember the high price of freedom, so we never take it for granted.

Many lives have been lost defending our nations from outside attack.

May we honor our fallen, support our wounded and never forget the high cost of our freedom.

In our countries on Remembrance Day, but in our churches, workplaces and homes every say.

We remember, Lord.

May we spend our lives following Your example to lay down our lives as You lead for what matters most to You, each one You love.

Justice. Honour. Freedom.


when justice fails

When a man is convicted for 18 months for killing a dog, and another isn’t charged with killing a fellow human being, justice isn’t served.

God hurts along with those crying out for justice in Ferguson.

Ultimately, God will mete out holy justice at His court when Jesus returns….

but until then, we hurt.
We cry out.
We wail.
We are overwhelmed with pain.

God created all people equal in His sight.

Man has continued to elevate himself above others in a temporary bid for power since Cain.  Positioning himself to rule, man wants what man wants, no matter the cost, unless he serves Another.

Service places the needs of another before your own.

Self service seeks to sit on the throne of your life.

Service acknowledges the sacrifice of Jesus…who came not only to show the Kingdom, but took the punishment we deserved on our behalf, so heavenly justice would be served.

Heaven needs to collide with Earth for His justice to be served.

This in part depends on humanity.

And therein lies the problem.

The part of God’s plan we sometimes grapple with, if we are being honest, is how evil continues to get away with its crimes. When murderers, rapists, swindlers, war criminals walk free.

But here is the even more sobering truth we need to all keep in mind.

They don’t walk free past this life.

God will hold them accountable.
He sees ALL done by ALL humanity.
He knows it all.

And He will judge every person ever.

Personally, I am overwhelmingly grateful that I have Jesus as my covering when I will approach that throne at the end of days.

Because I know what I am capable of without Him. I get glimpses in my day to day sin as I battle to serve and not self serve.

Ferguson is hurting over an apparent lack of justice.

God is crying over it too, and has been for a very long time.

All people were made in His image.

Every race, every colour, every build, every language, male and female, every single one He has & ever will create are made in His image.

When we don’t walk out this truth with one another, this both breaks His heart and riles His anger.

He hurts with the hurting.
He will judge the crimes.

Holiness meets Heart in God.

If you are another race that has been persecuted and tormented because of your skin colour, He is with you.  Just as He was with Israel while they were under Egyptian rule. With those in SS, war and labour camps. With those displaced from their homes. Those who are treated terribly at work because of their looks, their birth, or their faith. With those who have had a loved one abruptly stolen from their embrace.

God reigns.
He knows.
He longs to speak truth to all people, so we would all treat one another as He hoped we would, but knew we would not without Jesus.

Thank You God, You are with those who mourn.

We can have hope that You will restore, You are with us, You love us, you will comfort all those who turn to You.

May Your people rise up by falling to their knees and lift up those amongst us who are cut to the quick, hurting beyond words.

May we be the hand of love You extend over & over to us in our need.

The God we see in the Word is the same God reaching out for us.

Your will will be done,
Your Kingdom will come.
Your justice will be served.
You will reign.
Forever and ever,