Do you overcome your problems or do you let them overcome you?


Some people are overcome by problems. Others overcome problems. -Max Lucado

Which kind of people are you?

Do you sink down overcome when things get tough or do you rise to overcome?

Everything could overcome you if you let it, for this is an amazing world full of both wonder and wildness.

Full of people who can rub us the wrong way, situations which are designed to topple us by an almost unseen enemy, and full of the God of wonders – all at the same time.

Which are you allowing your focus to be fixed upon? The created or the Creator?

We can overcome anything when we know:

1. Who we are.

We are the Beloved of Christ. We are the apple of His eye, the delight of His heart, the Bride He longs for.  We are His family, the ones He free back Home, made whole and set on fire to share the wonder of our newness with the world around us.

2. Who to turn to.

The God of all Creation, over all things made and unseen, this God is not a hands off type being who rules without any consideration for anyone other than Himself.

All He does for His Beloved flows out of the love He has for her.

For you and for me.

He promises so many times in the Scriptures He is with us, becuase He knows how often we may need that reminder when the hard times come.

Because of Him, we can overcome.

The end of the story of humanity has already been recorded and written for all to read, learn and believe.

God wins, the enemy doesn’t.

God overcomes, forever and ever!

We too can overcome when we invite Him to battle for us.

It doesn’t matter what you are facing, but whose face you are focused upon….

You can look to yourself to overcome, but we all know deep down we are only able to handle so much on our own.

You can keep your eyes fixed on the enemy’s moves, and become overworked as you stand in fear.

Or you can fix your eyes on God’s loving face. Cry out to Him, the One who is able to do all things, make the miraculous happen in the blink of an eye, sends His angels to protect you, covers you in the blood of Jesus and indwells you by the Holy Presence of God Himself, Holy Spirit.

When we begin to feel overwhelmed, fall to your knees.
Not because you are admitting defeat, but to show the enemy you refuse to bend the knee to any other than God Himself.

Ask Him to invade the situation with all He has for you to make it through, not only to endure but to overcome in His strength.

Then stand in that strength, the strength of His might, and walk over and through those problems.

Because you know He’s got you covered.

And because He is with you, you will overcome.

If the waves seem too high today, the debt load crushing or the relationship too far gone for human intervention, He is waiting for you to welcome Him into your problems.

He delights, as any good father does, in helping His children, in showering blessings on His Beloved.

With Him at your side, you will overcome.

upward falling

Upward falling,
spirit soaring
I touch the sky
when my knees hit the ground

-Hillsong United

I have been discovering how stronger i am when I admit it am weak.

When I lay myself as I am before Him, God does something amazing with me.

And He does he same with you too, broken vessel.

It doesn’t matter how you have become broken, it matters that we allow Him to strengthen us.

My spirit is becoming increasingly free to remain in His Presence the more I kneel before Him.

There is a freedom that comes when the one without it all together lays it down before the Master Potter.

He not only makes us durable, strong enough to face the fire, but somehow more heavenly beautiful through the process.

Heaven invades open hearts which invite Him in.

Surrender doesn’t mean we lose, but we gain.

We may appear to lose from an earthly perspective, but we gain the cover & equipping of heaven’s resources.

Less of me, more of Him = win for the Kingdom.

I find my spirit can soar higher with Him the lower I lay myself before Him.

To the world, this may appear whacked.

In the Kingdom, this is true wisdom.

Even King Solomon, who had everything His heart could desire on earth, admitted it all meaningless apart from being connected to God.

Solomon appeared to have lost sight of what his father David modelled over his lifetime….

Surrender to God is where the real strength & blessing lay.

Jesus visibly showed us this as He regularly sought seclusion & time to pray & rest before His Father.

His strength to face the cross came from His Father’s love and surrendering to His plan.

And the blessing which came after He followed God’s design? Impacted Heaven forevermore.

Willing vessels are filled by the Kingdom’s never ending well.

Today, join me and fall to your knees before Him in worship.  If you too are on a bus or train, close your eyes and picture yourself doing so.

Praise Him.
Thank Him for all He has done.
Invite Him to move where you need Him to most.
Wait for His touch.

Find yourself plugged into heaven when you bow before the King.
And let yourself enjoy your Creator’s love & embrace!