seasons change

A friend I haven’t connected with for a long time came to mind this morning while I was getting ready for my day.

So I asked God (which I am starting to do more & more) if I should get in touch with her.

He said, “Leave things as they are.”

I prayed for God to bless that person, then thought to myself, “Why?”

Then I heard, “Your season has passed.”

I got it.

You see, some people we encounter are only meant to be in our lives short term.

We do one another a disservice when we try to force a short term connection into a long term one.

Some times, a short term mission is meant to be short term.

You can see this in relationships that happen to across when they make a movie or are in a production together.  Close quarters can lead to a closeness with someone you wouldn’t have but for the circumstances.

God reminded me that I am not the same me I was when I was friends with this woman, and I am not to go back.

There are times when a person isn’t healthy for us, or we are awakened to the fact they never were. 

Or they seem to take off or fall apart with the arrival of every storm, also known as fairweather friends.

But we may not be able to see the truth, until the season has passed.

Then there are the friends who are in your life for the long haul.  The ones who chose to be your sisters & brothers, who can live anywhere in the world and you can pick up as if no time has passed between you.

These are your any weather, no matter the season friends. The ones who pray for you daily, lend a hand when you need one, tell you the truth when you need to hear it, and are in for the long haul. 

Jesus had a few friends like that. He left His mother’s care to one, and His church to another.

If you look through the Word, there was a large group of people who travelled with Him.

Not all stuck with Him through it all, in fact….most of them fled or let Him down when the going got tougher than they expected.

But He forgave them, each & every one. And restored the ones who would be in it with Him for the long haul, the ones who came back to Him.

We need to do the same.

If a friend has become distant, and isn’t responding to your attempts to connect, ask Him these four questions:

1. Did I do something I need to apologize for?

2. Is this person hurting & i need to let them know I am here to support them?

3. Is this her/his way of showing me this is/was a short term friendship or project only, and I need to move on?

4. Is this relationship unhealthy for me, and I need to let them go?

As hard as this season may be for you to adjust to, it is always better to have the support circle He intends for you around you.

It may not be the group you thought it would be, as God leads you through each season.

But if He is doing the leading, knowing & caring for You as He does, it will be His support system surrounding you.

Ready to walk with you through every season, as He does.

Seasons will change, but His love for you never will, ever.


yes in my mess

I am saying yes in my mess.
Yes to letting God mess up my day the way He wants it to look:

Today I worked a day shift versus the evening shift in usually work on Mondays. I somehow got more done than usual, and now have some downtime to read, write & relax.

I had an unexpected treat waiting for me at work. One of my coworkers brought in a special yummy snack as an early birthday present, as my work celebration is being delayed so we can include my boss who is currently away. Somehow, I now get to celebrate twice at that job ­čÖé

I connected with another coworker, and am now ahead on another project as a result. We normally miss each other on my evening shift.

I got up early to help my son edit an assignment, had enough time to throw dinner on the crock pot & get to eat with my guys at dinner time, which I don’t get to do on Mondays when I work the late shift.

We even had time to watch a fave show episode together before they had to leave for their evening plans.

I was able to clearly hear God direct me to do something outside of my comfort zone after work, but He so knew what He was doing.

My house is semi-clean, the dishwasher is running at full speed, there is a bit of laundry yet to be done and the pots are piled by the sink waiting to be washed.

But by saying yes to the change to today in all its messy glory, God got more done with my willingness than had I grumbled and flight His changes all day long.

I still have stuff within me that is a mess. Unresolved feelings, occasions memories that return to momentarily scorch me, aches and pains, just like all the rest of us.

I find that by inviting God into the mess, the random becomes purposeful. A plan emerges. That which needs to get done does, whether its a task, a conversation or a prayer.

The atmosphere within me changes. I feel less messy within, more able and capable knowing He is guiding me through today.

Yes to my mess, Lord.
You can have it all.

And somehow it becomes less mess and more Presence in the exchange.

A beautiful, inexplicable day unfolds when we give that day over to You.

Less mess, more MESSage.

May You be the MESSage they seen despite my mess.


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