7 reasons to be Spirit led

Over the past month, our pastors have been guiding us through the Word and reintroducing us to Holy Spirit.


John 17:13 has been the one verse that has spoken to me more than any, so it was pretty timely of Him to remind me of it yet again this morning through today’s http:// first5.org devotion.

Because I need the regular reminder.

I am to be Spirit led.

Not me led.

When I am in control, the further i become ‘unled-ded’, unwilling to be led, and the further I drain myself of my sensitivity to His Presence.

Now, He does not leave His children when they wander or misbehave, but its hard to hear His voice when you aren’t looking His way, isn’t it?

When my kids were distracted when I was trying to speak with them, I used to ask them to look at me before I continued to talk.

Otherwise, my voice was just one noise of many.

I suspect Holy Spirit is a lot like us parents in that way.  He will continue to try & reach us, but may have to use alternate means of doing so when we refuse to turn His way & listen.

Without a tour guide in a foreign country, we can easily get lost or find ourselves somewhere we shouldn’t, facing an avoidable danger we wouldn’t have encountered had we been following our knowledgeable guide.

Our Guide?
8. Knows what is to come.
7. Knows where the Father wants us next to be.
6. Knows how the Son wants to next set us free.
5. Knows when our wounds need to be addressed.
4. Knows who we were designed to be.
3. Knows the whys behind it all.
2. Intimately knows us more than we will ever know ourselves this side of Heaven.

These seven logical reasons are enough to make me want to follow 90% of the time….but honestly? I tend to forget or overlook the number one reason undergirding the other seven as to why I should be led by Holy Spirit…the real heart of the matter.

1. Because He loves me more than life itself.

Jesus went to the cross to show us that great love, because of His passion for His people.

The Father loved/loves us so much He let His Son be separated from Him, covered with all the sin of the world, lifted high for all to see before His heart wrenching death. How hard it is to watch your child suffer? Excruciating.

Holy Spirit removed Himself from the Son due to the stench of our sin, so that Jesus could fulfill the reason we have hope & purpose. Our freedom.

Once and for all, sin was defeated by Jesus,  through His death & rise back to Heaven. Because He loves us so.

Holy Spirit has been given to us to help us overcome, learn, grow & spread God’s love, day in and day out.

Holy Spirit is constantly trying to speak God’s heart to us….through situations, through the Word, right into our hearts & souls & spirits.

When we follow His lead, our heart beats with the Father’s, our eyes are fixed on the Son, and we are empowered by the Spirit.

All things are possible when He is in the lead.

Let’s refuse to become unleaded, but press in to Him & all He has for us, each moment, each day.

Where You lead, my heart’s cry is to follow.