let His praise break out

Are you letting your chains break your praise or is your praise breaking your chains?

-Word of Life Church

Yesterday I almost let my praise be swallowed by my circumstances.

Almost nothing frustrates me more at work than technical difficulties, especially after several hours spent getting them resolved.

I was so irritated by the problem, I momentarily lost my peace.

Then i realized if He is with me at all times, He is with me even in those technical difficulties.

Even when all I want to do is lay my head down on my desk and cry.

Not only because I had had it with the tech problems, but because I have had it up to here with myself allowing my peace to be swayed by outside circumstances. Again.

God reminded me through a song and an image that He was with me. Right then and there.

Those few precious moments, only a blip in my day, were enough for me to grab onto Him for dear life and restore my perspective.

It doesn’t take much to cause us to slip, and it takes even less for us to be restored to solid ground.

It takes believing in the Rock, and resting in Him through all coming our way.

Your storm may be relational. It may be technical. It may be emotional. It may be sudden or take a long time brewing.

It doesn’t matter.

Whatever the circumstances which are trying to chain you down, God’s for you. He’s got you.
He’s with you.

Because of who He is and what He has done, we can continue to praise Him through and in all circumstances. Always.

May you praise Him loud and proud, no matter what, always. May the chains of fear and timidity break off and forever be broken off of you as you lift His Name higher above every situation you encounter.

Allow who He is to rise up from within you and proclaim His Kingdom over your life. In every situation. In all circumstances.

Watch Him break your chains as He releases Himself mightily on your behalf!

He is worthy of our praise, and wants us to walk into the full freedom He has for us bear on earth.

Let His praise resound and hear the snapping of the chains trying to keep you down. Your freedom matters to Him, and He has given you a mighty weapon to add to your arsenal. It may appear to be redundant or miniscule compared to what you are facing, but He is sooo much larger and mightier and holier and stronger and freeing than we can imagine or see encased in our humanity.

Raise His praise, Beloved, and watch in awe at what He will do when you lift Him above all things!