naturally caffeinated

I am a rarity amongst most of my family & friends.

I don’t need to do coffee or tea to wake up in the morning.

I like to think of myself as naturally caffeinated, which is another way of saying I am wide eyed & bushy tailed from the moment I get up. I don’t need coffee or caffeine to get me going in the morning.

I have struggled over the years with many social events and family gatherings, as caffeine and I don’t get along.


Caffeine seems to spur on the growth of ovarian cysts, and brings on headaches when I cheat, usually by giving in (mostly in my mind, but not always) to peer pressure.

Because some people get offended because I don’t like coffee.


I worked professionally as a barista for 2 different coffee shops, one chain and one independent, for a collective total of between 6-7 years. I underwent a great deal of training (just short of my coffee master, as well as being our store tea expert) to recognize blends and regions of coffees, similar to what a wine sommelier undergoes. I know the difference between a well brewed coffee, and an incorrectly balanced one. I can tell what kind of food will pair nicely with the coffees I taste.

But I don’t like it.

And likely never will.


I am a tea girl, through and through.

The thought of a chai latte sends happy shivers down my spine.

My collection of green, white, rooibos, honeybush and herbal teas , with a few must have favorite black teas for special occasions brings a smile to my face whenever I glimpse it.

I walk into my favorite tea store, and feel at home.

You could say with accuracy, I am a tea lover.

Those who know me best understand this. When some of them enjoy their coffees, I enjoy my tea when we get together to hang out.

So why am I bring that up?

Because no matter how much anyone else tells me I must like coffee, i know I don’t, and won’t.

I love the smell, I love grinding the beans, I like making and serving coffee, but unless I am paid to drink it for educational purposes, I don’t.

Whether straight up, sweetened or with any kind of milk, I prefer tea.

The same for many of you. You may love something that other people around you may not like at all, or vice versa.

You may like the team that never makes it to the play offs.

You may wear red when this season navy is the new black.

You may like hanging out with family or at church, when your coworkers are out at the pubs or dance clubs.

You may watch PG and General rated movies instead of the 18+ ones frequenting the big screen.

The only 50 shades of gray you may care about are the ones popping up on your head.

You may take good natured ribbing, be on the receiving end of some pointed criticisms or be accused of close mindedness for your likes and dislikes.

Here are the lessons I have learned about being in these situations:

1: Look them in the eye and smile. Don’t give them the power to make you feel less than.

2: You don’t need to apologize for your view point. If you believe marriage to be sacred and live your lifestyle accordingly, you don’t have to defend it, etc.

3: Your “no” is enough when someone challenges you or criticizes you. Respectfully say “I don’t agree”, or “I see it differently.” If the person is being unkind, or doesn’t respect your boundary, walk away. If the Spirit leads them to genuinely ask why, ask for His leading to answer in the way He will best speak to the seeking heart open to hear the truth.

4: Be yourself. If you like green, wear it with all the flair and enjoyment you want. If you love to sing in the shower, do it. Who cares if you sing in tune?! Love paisley or plaid, decorate whatever you want in it. Enjoy it.


5: If someone will be hurt, demeaned, put down or crushed by your actions, they aren’t healthy likes. Spend some time seeking God and figuring out His best for your life. Just coz everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean God wants you to.

6: God made us all unique, but with one common trait: we were all meant to be in community, and united to Him. We are all different, but all meant to be supportive of one another’s giftings, calls and uniqueness. If you are surrounded by people who aren’t, or who ridicule your choices, find a new circle of support. Life is too short to miss being yourself, fearful of not being liked because of what you love. Or Who you love.

So I have learned that it is okay to be myself. God doesn’t want us to try and be who we aren’t.

I am one of a kind.
No one else will ever like all the things I do in the same combo pack.

And I am okay with that now!

You should be too!


ten things I like about you

I really like ten things about you.
Even though i may not have met you yet.

That may sound strange, but as an observer of people, I have finally figured these things out.

And you probably need to know what these things are.

1. I like the fact that you aren’t me.
I spend more than enough time with myself, so I like that you are not me. I find our differences interesting. Think about how boring it would be if we were all alike.

2. You are here on purpose.
You were not an accident, no matter what anyone else had told you. God planned you, on purpose, from the spark that He first set off when He created you in your mother’s womb. You are handcrafted, and a one of a kind original. There will never be another one of you, ever. He designed you after Himself. He intentionally placed you in this place and time.


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3. God has equipped you with talents and gifts.
Sometimes you need to be reminded that you are good at something. We all have strengths, and when we get to know each other, we begin to see these in one another. It may take a friend or coworker to point it out to you before you may begin to see it in yourself. You likely are good at a few things, not just the one you may be best at.

4. God cares for you.
Each and every person who ever has been, is or will be is important to God. So much so that Jesus died for each of us, to pave the way for us to draw close to Him. He is the closest friend you can ever have, will never leave you and always wants the best for you. He is in your corner no matter what.

5. You are here for a purpose.
You are meant to do wonderful things with your life. Bless people through your profession, invent something, raise your kids well, mentor or teach others, encourage and help others. God will reveal the things you are meant to do as you get to know Him, and yourself through His eyes.

6. You are worth being heard.
If no one has ever told you so…what you feel and think matters. You have a story worth telling, and it deserves to be told. And heard.

7. You look great when you smile!
That’s right, a smile makes you look your best. And when you smile, it increases the likelihood that those around you will smile back at you.

8. Things may be tough, but they will get better.
This world is just our temporary home, and it’s a hard life most of us are living through. But its not our final destination if you believe in Jesus, and place your hope in Him. Heaven will be your forever home. No more tears, sickness, disease, pain or loneliness.

9. You always have something to be thankful for.
As bad as things can get, take some comfort in the small things around you if you can’t see any big things to be grateful about. Being able to breathe, read, hear, walk. A roof over your head, food on the table, a job. A cloud in the sky, sun, rain puddles, flowers, cat purrs. Whatever you can find, remember to be thankful for having it.

10. Someone is thankful for having you in their life.
They are. Whether a family member, close friend, coworker or a stranger you helped out…someone has been blessed to have you in their life.

I hope we meet, whether virtually, here on earth or in heaven one day.

Until we do, remember these ten things that you need to know about yourself.

It took many years for me to reprogram the lies and believe these truths about myself. May you cast off what needs to go to make room for these truths you were meant to know about you.

I am glad you are here.

selfie snapshot

I am, like most of you, very hard on myself.

I notice my flaws, review my mistakes and beat myself up. Most of the time I do such a good job that I don’t need any help from outside sources.

I am no different than most of you that way.

I have been learning to love myself.
To celebrate my positive characteristics. To accept a kind word of praise for a job well done. To forgive myself when I slip up and stop dwelling on the have nots.

Here are ten things I like about being me today. Not particularly deep and in random order, just as they flow out of my head through my fingers!

1. I like my hair short.
I do. As beautiful as long hair is, it’s not me.  I have gone against my own preference when my daughter asked me to grow it, or my hair dressers have encouraged me to keep it longer, but its not me. The longest I like it is a just below my ears bob.


2. I like my overall looks.
I like my sky/water blue eyes, my freckles, my lack of tan, my reddish undertones to my blondness. I like my smile, my hands & my feet.
I like that I look good in my favorite colors…natural earth based shades (tans, blues, greens, grays, browns) and my especially fave, teal.
I like my build. Being a bit on the taller side gives me a unique view point in crowds and buses!
I like my glasses. They help me see the world more clearly.

3. I like silver, jeans and rediscovered i like scarves.
I am not a gold girl. Never have been. I prefer jeans over dress pants or sweatpants. I like to feel good in what I wear, and a bit creatively matchy with it.

4. I like that I am musical.
I love to sing, and play many instruments. I love to listen to CDs and live bands, I love to sing along, I love to perform solos or with groups, I love to worship.


5. I like that i am usually cheerful. I enjoy my life, warts & all, and my companions along the way. I am thankful for the many blessings God has given me.

6. I am like that i’m creative and good with social media & communicating.
Facebook, twitter, instagram, linked in, pinterest, bitstrips, WordPress, Apple or Android. I probably like it and have used it or am using it either personally or professionally. I have edited several books, helped with marketing and web updating, write daily and love to blog. There is always something to learn about, which keeps me from being bored easily.


7. I love tea.
I love the warmth, the comfort, the soothing side to this many varieties delight in my life. I love vanilla, mint, caramel, cherries, chai, coconut, rooibos, oolong, green, decaf black. Tea is one of the things I do for me. I am raising tea lovers as well as have converted most of my friends from coffee. My hubby and I like to have tea together at home for a let’s relax date.

8. I love to Nordic Pole Walk, and going to Boot Camp. Really.
Those are two things I never figured I would ever so even a few years ago. But I love them both. I like the freedom and excellent benefits of Nordic pole walking, but love the push myself to the limits thrill of making it through a boot camp. I still love to swim, play volleyball and bike, but these two are my preferred fave exercises.

9. I like to read.
I am an avid reader. Most days I read an entire book. Besides my bible reading, emails, tweets and work related reading. Probably 200-400 pages a day for fun. I do retain most of what I read on terms of concepts and overall story/plots. I usually reread all the Jane (Austen) & Narnia (C.S.Lewis) books each year. I am thankful for my e-reader for taking up less space and causing less body strain with all my reading! I read a variety of book types depending on my mood or needs.

10. I like my home.
I really do. I don’t like how cluttered and messy it can get, but there are few things I like more than relaxing in my own home. I like the color scheme of my main areas. I like my sofa, writing desk, lime metal chairs, my bed… I don’t just love it and appreciate it, I like it as well. I like that it is welcoming, cozy and comfy.  Traits that are important to me. I don’t like big spaces, so my home fits me perfectly!

What so you like about you?
Take a few minutes to like up on yourself, and feel free to share a trait or something you like about YOU!