Yesterday was officially Infant & Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day. Those of us who have lost a child know three key things from our loss: 1. We think about it way more than once a year. 2. We need to talk about it more than once a year. 3. Things have been forever changed. Once a … More imprints

hemmed in

This is going to be a hard post to write because of all the emotion which has been left untapped within me for so long. But God says it is time. Despite the precautions we took on our honeymoon, I became pregnant then, right after we got married. I remember the look of joy & … More hemmed in

when mothering hurts

I have not always had the relationship I enjoy now with my mom.  We have both had to work hard at forgiving one another & leaving the past behind to enjoy our current relationship. She is  a treasure i continue to enjoy getting to know better. 🙂 Nor has being a mother always been smooth sailing. … More when mothering hurts

when words fail

Hearing about how Christians are being persecuted, tortured & killed for their faith hurts. For we are one body, one bride, one church in Jesus. And when one part of the body hurts, the whole body feels the pain. Sure, those closest to that part may feel it more intensely, but when the part is … More when words fail


My soul chose that moment to do something it hadn’t done in longer ago than I could remember. It began to cry. #TheMercifulScar I am not known as a crier. In fact, I am mostly cheerful and pleasant to be around. But every so often, when I have let my emotions and stresses build up … More cry