when finding your place in this world is awkward

The Christmas story is filled with awkward.

What else would you expect from a family tree which includes a prostitute, foreigners, broken relationships, wars, and a king or two…

A story with key people whose dreams came true, but in ways they didn’t anticipate:

Zechariah & Elizabeth having John in their later years.  Not arriving in their youth as they would have thought. Then they failed to name him according to tradition, as if the miracle baby needed even more attention….

Joseph got the girl of His dreams- who surprise! came already with child. An unexpected instant family.

Mary made pregnant by the Holy Spirit. So not the traditional way.

The Romans calling a census, so it was likely Mary would not be home with her family or midwife to have her baby.

Three angelic sightings – each sharing awkwardly good news with the hearer:

Your dream is coming true,
but its gonna look like this!

We are all hardwired…

…to want to belong.
…to feel loved.
…to know that we matter.

I believe God hardwired us this way on purpose.

Then He drops our deepest desire into our hearts.  And once we figure out what that is, we want nothing more than to see it fulfilled.

The same can be said of God.

He wants to fulfill the God-given desires and dreams He has given us.

But He is going to fill them how He knows they will be the best gift possible- His way.

Because God knew the timeline for the Christmas story, each part was layered to be great on its own, but fantastic when out together.

Tonight, I make the choice to see the big picture instead of my limited view. Believing that God has it all under control, when all I can see is in pieces and awkward!

God with us, despite our messiness.

Guiding us through as we place ourselves in His capable hands.

Just like Mary & Joseph, Zechariah & Elizabeth, trusting He is going to do something amazing with the little we have to offer Him!

#AdventuresinAdvent continue…

kind words- health for the soul & body


Kindness is essential to our soul and body.

You can connect with God, sleep right, eat well, forgive often & love your job, and still need kindness.

We all do.

We were designed to need encouragement.
Genuine praise.
Positive input.
A well timed kind word.

More than just a pat on the back or a cliche comment, kindness demonstrates to our soul that we matter.

We all have that burning desire to be known, to matter.

And in a world where so many of us are consumed with self, our stuff and getting through the day, we forget this key fact: we ALL NEED kindness. It isn’t an optional part of the package, like paying to upgrade to automatic.

Without kindness, we wither away.

Years ago, psychologists experimented on children in orphanages. Some were given positive touch and words; others only spoken to when they had to, and touched only in necessity, never in kindness.

The kids that were given kindness developed well. The children from whom kindness was withheld, did not flourish. In fact, many died of what I suspect were broken hearts from not feeling wanted.

Withholding kindness deeply wounds.

Offering kindness can open hearts, help restore and bind up wounds. Show them a glimmer of hope. To know that someone cares.

For many people, God is the kindest person they know.

I remember hearing Graham Cooke, British author and public speaker, share how he was basically hidden away from his father’s sight, never allowed to the table at meal times or ever to receive a birthday present, let alone a kind word. Graham ended up extremely angry, confused and in trouble. God stepped in, and loved up on Him that has radically changed Graham for life. He regularly shares how God is the kindest person he knows. Because for Graham, He was.

If you are listening to too many harsh words from those around you or the enemy, you need to withdraw to clear your mind within, and begin to listen for God to speak words of love, mercy, grace and kindness towards you.

Yes, you.

And it doesn’t stop there. As His hands, feet & mouth to the world, like the prophets of old, God may use you to speak something positive, encouraging, uplifting or kind to someone you know, as He whispers what to speak through you.

The bible reminds us that:

“Kind words are like honey. Sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.”

-Proverbs 16:24

Offer kindness to everyone you meet.
You never know, your words can make the difference in helping someone feel they can go on for another day, because they are reminded they matter with your kind words.

For they don’t just matter to those around them, but to God.

Your kindness may be the missing piece for them to understand that God loves them.